what character do u want for dlc yun-seong , zasalamel or talim

vote for the characters you want for dlc

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1 - Talim
2 - Yun
3 - Zas

Seung Mina and Setsuka already have their style represented and I'd rather having Bangoo as new char in SCVI.
"Please. Listen to the voice of the wind and let me back in!" :sc2tal2:
"Let the powers of my words (and my good looks and my amazing style), sink into your souls. Now let me back in before I suck the person responsible for my absence into my blackhole!":sc3zas1:
"The war's over. Why would I leave Korea and my awesome kimchi meals? Kimchi rocks!" :sc2yun2: (I don't care about this dude but please, bring the style back. S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y)
Btw... don't we already have like 5 threads about this subject?
I'm opposed to character DLC, but I wouldn't mind having Zas back. Talim and the other characters that got axed can stay gone though.
Even though there are too many of these kind of posts, I'll participate anyways.

Zasalamel as DLC. Talim and Yun-Seong as next installment characters.
All of them, Talim, Zas, and Yun-Seong/Hwang...

...and Amy, and Cassie, and all the SCIII CaS styles, and all the non-mimic guest characters that have ever been in the series. Or at least their styles.

I'm fine with characters themselves disappearing or being replaced due to story reasons, but at least leave in their fighting styles for CaS. I believe that a good developer doesn't remove content between sequels, at least not for something like "we had to rush to meet a deadline. You still have to pay $60 for this barely complete game, though."
I don't want any dlc characters, I want to download all of the moves and stances they took out of the game to make it easier for the general public.
ya know i understand that people want there old fighters back but how about looking into new characters let me introduce you to an awsome fighting style called arnis

and i cant remember the name of this fighting style or the girl that uses it in kill bill

I'll take all three. It seems not to many people like/want Yun-Seong, but what about his style? I think it would be fine if there is some kind of character wielding a broad sword like Yun's. I can understand a distaste for the character himself, but at least give me his sword.