What SC Character You Had The Hots For


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Tira has the best abs imo. She always rocks the classic 2000's look with the Britney Spears-like washerboard abs and low cut pants or skirt. Hahaha!
She will experience fierce competition in that department from Barb, the lesbian barbarian who is confirmed DLC character 4 for season 2!!!😂

(Edit: oh... to answer the question this thread actually posed, I liked Nightmare. He was my first monster crush, lmao. #dead)
Tira was actually the character that stuck with me the most before I got into SC
Perhaps it was that underboob- who knows?


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There is no need to tell for who I have the hots for? Setsuka is my girl, my woman, my wife LOL I hope that she'll come in Season 2 of SoulCalibur VI I can't wait for that!

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For Women: My Waifu Tira, Ivy, Xianghua, Seong Mina, Taki, Cassandra, Sophitia, Amy, Setsuka, Shura and Hilde.
as well Abelia and Luna

For Men: Mitsurugi, Kilik, Raphael, Maxi, Siegfried, Cervantes, Yoshimitsu, Hwang, Yun-Seong and Groh.

For SC3 Bonus Characters: Valeria, Abelia, Luna and Chester

For SCV: Natsu, Leixia, Viola, Xiba and ZWEI. not a big fan of Patroklos and Pyrrha but Alpha Pat and Pyrrha Omega are okay.

Unbra4life- i'm bisexual. you can see why