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What is really necessary, and shame on Namco if they ignore all the fan outcry is everyone being revoiced so that they all speak their native languages. Namco has shamed us with Japanese or English only for far too long when only Rock and Ivy should really be speaking English.

Link in this vein should either speak Hylian, or be mostly mute communicating only in grunts. If they don't address this Language issue and add in fully animated GC endings and quicktime events for stage transitions between matches, Namco has no honor.


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The only reason why Link was low tier on tier lists is because "pros" didn't know how to use him. For example when he holds his bombs out long enough they become unblockable. Let's not forget that he has a bow for whiff punishment and awesome ring out grabs. People were probably jealous because of that win pose sound xD
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Oh god I remember all of that shit lol

That character was so bad, if only it was feasible for them to include him so we could ruin people's hopes and dreams online.


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Pretty much everything about this character was terrible, save for 3A or 33A I forget which one was p good. His whole moveset was ass from top to bottom.