Where yo curly mustache at? Dampierre Combos


World Warrior
Natural Combos (NC)

3A,A... - 10 damage per A. Randomly goes into Fake Pain stance.
22_88BKBK (1st hit combos with 2nd hit. NH 2nd hit and 3rd hit combo with 4th hit separately. 2nd hit does not combo into 3rd hit.)

Natural Combos on Counterhit (NCC)



1A, 2B - 33 dmg

6B, 8B+K - 38 dmg
6B, 1B - 32 dmg
6B, 3K - 30 dmg
6B, 1K - 30+ dmg (tech traps all directions except left)

3K, 1B - 38 dmg
3K, 1K - 35 dmg (tech traps if you delay it)
3K, 3K - 35 dmg

1K, 1B - 37 dmg
1K, 1K - 34 dmg (also a tech trap)
1K, 3K - 34 dmg
1K~FP B - 64 dmg (some characters can escape by left ukemi)

1[K], 1B - 47 dmg
1[K], 1K - 44 dmg (also a tech trap)
1[K], 3K - 44 dmg
1[K]~FP B - 74 dmg (some characters can escape by left ukemi)

623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 96 dmg
*623K:K...is also abbreviated as BE

WR K, 1B - 36 dmg
WR K, 1K - 35 dmg (also tech traps)
WR K, 3K - 33 dmg

A+B+K, 1B - 53 dmg
A+B+K, 1K - 50 dmg (also tech traps)
A+B+K, 3K - 50 dmg

A+B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 120 dmg
A+B, 22_88BKBK - 50 dmg
A+B, 66K - 49 dmg
A+B, W! (look down for wall combos)
A+B, 66K W! (look down for wall combos)

B+K, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 68 dmg
B+K, 3K combos (look up for 3K combos)
B+K, 6B combos (look up for 6B combos)
B+K, 33_99B combos (look down for mid-combo 33_99B followups)
*You can use a slower followup, but it's shakeable.

66_33_99A, 1B - 44 dmg
66_33_99A, 6B combos (only works at close range, needs a wall against certain chars.) (look up for 6B combos)

33_99B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 82 dmg
33_99B, RCC 3A... - variable dmg
33_99B, Throw - 54+ dmg (depends on throw damage)
33_99B, WR K combos (look up for WR K combos)
33_99B, RCC A+B combos (look up for A+B combos)
33_99B, 33K W! (look down for wall combos)
33_99B, 33_99B (look down for mid-combo 33B followups)
*33_99B has a ~33% chance of not working, keep that in mind if you decide to use it. RCCing into A+B is tricky at first, but once you get the timing down 33B, RCC A+B, 22_88BKBK is you're best RO combo without a W!.

mid-combo 33_99B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - ??? dmg depending on previous moves
mid-combo 33_99B, RCC 3A... - variable dmg
mid-combo 33_99B, WR K combos (look up for WR K combos)
mid-combo 33_99B, 33K W! (look down for wall combos)
*Using this move mid-combo is inadvisable in most situations due to ~33% chance of failing and damage scaling, but it could help lead to an RO or W!.

11_77B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 128 dmg
11_77B, 22_88BKBK - 59 dmg

22_88BK, 3K - 32 dmg
22_88BKBK, 3K - 28/35/23 dmg
22_88BKBK, 1K - 28/35/23 dmg (tech traps if you delay it)
22_88BKBK W! (look down for wall combos)
*22_88BKBK combos are assuming the first hit missed and the second hit did not CH. Variable damage depending on what hit connects first (2nd/3rd/4th hit format)

22_88K, 1B - 42 dmg
22_88K, 3K - 39 dmg

Sliding K, 3K - 37 dmg

PB K, PB K - 31 dmg

GI_JI (on an airborne opponent), 22_88BKBK - 31 dmg

Combos on Counterhit

CH 44AB, 2K - 53 dmg (also tech traps)

CH 8B+K, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 129 dmg
CH 8B+K, 22_88B,K,B,K - 61 dmg
CH 8B+K, 11_77B - 61 dmg

Tech Traps (in all directions unless specified)

1K~FP Throw (damage/throw varies depending on which direction they teched)
1K~FP B (catches different techs situationally, but almost always hits grounded)
*From Punchdrunk - "Turns out 1K, FP B is character specific, as Yoshi/Nighty/Sieg/Hilde/Asta/Maxi/Cervy/Liz/Talim/Rock cant tech it at all, and Voldo/Damp/Amy/Tira/Ivy/Mitsu/Taki/Cas/X/Kilik/Raph/Sets/Mina/Yun/Soph/Zas/Algol/Kratos can tech left."

6B, 1K (doesn't catch left unless side or back hit)
3K, 1K (needs a delay or partial hold)
1K_1[K], 1K (at close range)
WR K, 1K
A+B+K, 1K
66_33_99A, 1K (at close range)
11_77B, 1K
22_88BKBK, 1K (needs a delay or partial hold, assumes first hit missed and second did not CH)
all of these tech trap again into FP Throw, but FP B might not hit rollers after some.

22_88K, 2A+B - 55 dmg
CH 44AB, 2A - 56 dmg
CH 44AB, 2K - 53 dmg
CH 8B+K, 8B+K - 63 dmg
CH 8B+K, 1A - 61 dmg

Wall Combos

Eyce_Theon said:
3K W!, 3A... = variable damage (fast W!)
3K W!, 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 97 damage (slow W!)
22_88BKBK W!, 3A... = variable damage (fast W!)
22_88BKBK W!, 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 87-94 damage (slow W!)
*These two moves can cause two different wallsplats. Which you get depends on the size and orientation of your opponent.
For example, using either move on Nightmare will almost always result in the slow W!, while it almost never happens on Amy. On most mid-sized characters, hitting them from the front usually causes the slow W!, while hitting their back causes the fast W!. I'll do more testing later.
*The slow W! allows for alot more options than 11B, but it is the highest damaging option.
*22_88BKBK does not wallsplat if the first hit connects, or if the second hit connects as CH. But otherwise, it wallsplats alot more often than 3K. Also, if the second hit connects instead of the third, damage scaling is worse, hence the damage range above.

66K W!, 1B = 56 damage (low wallsplat)
66K W!, 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 113 damage
66K W!, throw (can get front, side, OR back throw depending on angle and splat.)
66K W!, step right, A+B combos
*66K wallsplats to the front and right of Dampierre. In order to connect a throw, you need to get the high wallsplat version. Opponent can't be too close to the wall. If A+G front throw wallsplats you can combo further, see below

33K W!, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 83 damage
33K W!, 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 108 damage (longer range splat needed)
A+B W!, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 90 damage
A+B W!, 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 114 damage (cannot be perpendicular to the wall, causes a shorter W!)
A+B, 66K W!, 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 122 damage
A+B, 66K W!, throw = varying damage
*66K's high wallsplat happens alot more often after A+B than if you used 66K alone. Back throw is most common. After back throw wallsplats, 1B combos for 110 damage. If A+G front throw wallsplats you can combo further, see below

A+G (W! version), side throw = 96 damage
A+G (W! version), 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 96 damage
A+G (W! version), 11B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B = 125 damage (one of the few cases where 11B is reliable, best near a corner)

After almost any wallsplat, 3A... is possible for variable damage.
*After most W!, the damage scaling on 3A... is 11,8,7,6,5, then stays at 5.

Some extra details universal to Damp's wall combos;
*you can add a 33B or B+K stun before any 33K, A+B(must be RCC'd), or A+G combo, but damage scaling will likely cause less overall damage.
*33B in mid combo is highly inadvisable due to it's chance of failing, but if you do it can combo into 33K for another wallsplat or BE for damage.
*4B is an inconsistent combo finisher when in a corner, it sometimes turned into BT B.


[10] Knight
The great Prophet Shen Ou..

Reveal these combos to you.
From before I get to play the game.



You may grovel at my feet.


[08] Mercenary
Preliminary testing! It's a lot hard to test now that I can't just look at the combo counter :(

A, A - 18 damage
3A,A... - 10 damage per A. Randomly goes into Fake Pain stance.
Pushes out of range after second hit, but if near wall
it will stay in range.
1A, 2k - 28 damage
WR A - 20 damage

B, B - 28 damage
3BB - 35 damage
6B, 1B - 32 damage
33_99B, 623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K, 4B - 82 damage, ch 83

3k, 1B - 38 damage
1[K], 1B - 47 damage
623K,K - 19 damage
623K:K:K:K:K:K:K:K - 56 damage, ch 59.

A+B, 66B - 42 damage
A+B, 66A - 40 damage
A+B, 8B+K - 43 damage
A+B, 44A,B - 50 (AC FR, R, BR, L)
A+B, 11_77B - 46 damage
33_99B - 25 damage
33_99B, WR K, 1B - 56 damage, CH 58
33_99B, WR B - 39 damage
33_99B, Throw - varies depending on which throw you end up doing (side, front possible)
11_77B, A+B - 51 damage
11_77B, 22_88B,K,B,K - 59 damage
22_88B,K - 20 damage
66K - 35 damage

Poker Bluff (PB)
PB K, PB K - 31 damage


[08] Mercenary
Some more, plus I edited in some above.
JF kicks = 623:K:::K:::K:::K:::K:::K:::K:::K:

A+B, slight run foward JF kicks, 4B - 113-121 damage.
JF kicks, 4B = 96 damage, CH 100


[11] Champion
I tested those zyeoo, and works fine so far... He lacks of something to hit grounded decently, but is ok.
You forgot 11B, JF kicks, 4B, it´s + 100 dmg.
A+B, 66K works too, but I think that the JF kicks is gonna be the bread and butter each time you can land those.
3AAAAA... I got 100 dmg near the edge, possibly more, not sure.
22BK, 1B...

Im sure there plenty of things to be discovered, seems a deep char overall.


[09] Warrior
I'm finally getting a chance to play with Damp, and I loooove it. He creates so many strange situations with his random stance changes from certain moves, combine that with wall positioning and he may have some rediculous (chances for) damage output. I'm gonna look into his wall potential for a while.

My favorite so far in my 5 minutes of playing; 33B (no PB), A+G (wall splat version), side throw. 115 damage

EDIT: So it seems Dampierre has NO way of causing wallsplat on an airborne opponent, unless I missed something in my testing. A+B and 33K wallstuns allow 11B to hit for example, but you can't wallsplat again if you take that route in a combo. I'll post a list of what I find later on today.

I'm also pretty sure 3A has NO LIMIT on successful hits that don't enter Fake Pain. I managed to do A+G (W! version), 3A(x17!) for 123 damage earlier. XD
Look in the first post for wall combos.