Which edition of the game will you be getting?

Which edition of the game will you be getting?

  • Standard Edition

    Votes: 4 9.1%
  • Standard Edition + Season Pass

    Votes: 10 22.7%
  • Deluxe Edition

    Votes: 14 31.8%
  • Collector's Edition

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • Collector's Edition + Season Pass

    Votes: 15 34.1%

  • Total voters


[14] Master
Now that we've gotten all the details regarding the release of SCVI, it's time to choose which version of the game to buy. Soul Calibur VI will come out in three different packages: The standard edition ($59.99), the deluxe edition ($99.99, which includes all the DLC and a couple goodies), and the collector's edition ($149.99, which includes some really nice things but not the DLC).



Personally I would love to get the artbook and wouldn't mind paying $149.99 for the Collector's Edition. However, not including the DLC with the most expensive version of the game is a huge fuck you to the consumer and a perfect example of the cancerous business practices that have taken over this industry. Back when SCV came out I bought the collector's edition, along with the enormous official hardcover guide, and the whole package only cost me $110.

I'm definitely not paying $179.99 for a video game, especially when we've seen the CaS DLC that comes with these special editions and it's literally just recycled "sexy" outfits from SCV. So unless I can find a good deal or discount on either of the upgraded versions, I'll probably be sticking with the vanilla release.


[14] Master
I'm getting the Collector's Edition on PS4 for the physical goods, but will be buying the game and season pass for PC and will actually play on PC.


You are in too deep!
I'll get multiple copies. Definitely not missing out on the CE + season pass.


[10] Knight
This is my favorite game so I’ll be getting the collectors edition and the season pass. Might also get the digital download as well.


[09] Warrior
Most likely standard because I don’t have a lot of money i really want the artbook tho, i hope its sold seperately eventually.


Chikara Sashimi
Standard edition since I never buy collector's editions. Dunno how people deal with all that crap.

Haruka Ishijima

[03] Disciple
Deathly expensive though it may be, I shall try to get the Collector's Edition for PS4. The Sophitia amiibo that comes with it looks good and will stand out among the Super Smash Bros. amiibo I have. Now especially placed alongside my Palutena amiibo. Anyways, let me tell you, I wanted to buy the collector's edition of Soul Calibur 4 recently but there was no point since the schoolgirl costumes and other DLC got taken down and thus I missed out. Good thing some of that exclusive content is in Soul Calibur 5, so no big loss.

Sayonara :sc3set1:


[05] Battler
PS4 Deluxe since I'm a sucker for metal cases. And then PC download cos of my165hz monitor and the possibility of mods/fan enhancements.


[08] Mercenary
Waiting for the digital deluxe to be available on the PSN store and I'll get that. Will probably also get the PC version.


[14] Master
Whatever is the packaged "save a WHOLE $5 DOLLARS!" Standard + Season Pass, so probably the deluxe?

On PC and PS4, though. Let there be no doubt in anyone's mind -I AM a consumer whore.

Rex Dart

[11] Champion
I'm opting for the "BEST VALUE!!!" package of Collector's Edition + Season Pass. I need that Art Book, because looking at SC concept art is my favorite thing to do. Don't care about the statue, but whatever. And I need the Season Pass, because I need all the characters.


[14] Master
Wait, how much is the season pass?
We don't really know yet, but in that the Deluxe Edition is $100, and all that you're getting in addition to the season pass with that version is the audio-laced steelbook and the soundtrack, I would estimate $25-$30.

Tekken 7's season pass was $25 and included three characters, a mode, and some customization equipment. SoulCalibur VI's season pass includes four characters and two packs of customization equipment, so that's pretty comparable, content-wise. So about the same.

Rex Dart

[11] Champion
Tekken 7's season pass only had two characters, so I'd expect the SoulCalibur VI one to be at least $30.


[09] Warrior
I'm confused do you need to pre-order the season pass to get the bonus character or just buy it? You can't miss your chance for the character can you?