Who do you WISH was your main?

Mitsurgi, without doubt. It happens the same to me in every single fighting game. I want (and try) to use "balanced" characters, such as Jin, Ryu or in this case, Mitsurugi.

But I always end using big hitters, like Bryan, Sagat or Nightmare, characters that can finish the match with a couple of blows.
I wanted to main Hilde and Ivy, but I'm just plain terrible with them. Instead I'm maining Pyrrha and Omega, with a bit of Patroklos and Siegfried, just like in SCIV.
I want to main the pirate guy who shows off more cleavage than his daughter, but I can't be arsed to learn inputting Geo Da Ray Conclusion consistently. Yet.
For the longest time I wanted to main Lizardman, but I was so awful with him :/

Now he's super fun to play so I can finally main him, tiers be darned.

ikr? Viola is annoying at best. Lol, I do something super cool to feel good about myself and then... one look at the health bar and...
I want to main Dampierre to make my friends laugh XD
Zwei(too gimmicky), Voldo(way too different from SCIV), or Hilde(charging still feels too unnatural/tedious).
It's only really annoying for me when they're in red health, since they're effectively taking 75% less damage....
Hey, its annoying for the other guy too, since alot of Viola's shit is annoyingly safe, and it can become an absolute chore to hit her.

And that jumping sweep is annoying.
Zasalamel... I miss him :( He wasn't the best character in SC4, but he was really original and A LOT of fun to play. SC5's cast is a bit lackluster IMO.
I wish sieg was more fun to play with, but I have a hard time using him so I switched to Nightmare, which sucked IMO after SC2 but is pretty good now.