Why did you choose your main(s)?


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Fighting against Assassin in SC2 was a big shock to me because I didn't really know what the last 3 grey slots were until I found the bonus trio in weapon master. Assassin's throws were what got me hooked on the style and it frustrated me that his command/movelist was not available to view in game.

I remember the strategy guide mentioned someone named "hwang" as the basis for Asssassin and it started my journey as a Hwang main once I explored SoulBlade, SC1 and SC3.

If Raphael didn't undergo a major design change (and an overall feeling of being crapper) in SC3 I would have kept using Raphael in SC3 and beyond most likely. I really did not like the ugly vampire look.


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I've never really had a "main" 'cause I've always enjoyed playing as lots of different characters (and, with the advent of character/outfit creation, in lots of different costumes).

With that said, the character I've used the most in Ranked has been Ivy simply because, besides having played her since IV, I currently have her dressed up as DC's "Poison Ivy" — including using makeup and stickers to turn her skin green.

(Unfortunately I haven't given her any other costumes simply 'cause I don't think I'll ever top that one!)

From a mechanical standpoint I do enjoy her "keep away" tactics, even if my use of range still pails in comparison with other Ivys — but, on the other hand, I feel I'm more comfortable playing her up close than others may be, utilizing various pokes to bait an opponent into a combo that'll naturally knock them away instead of merely backing away myself.