Why did you choose your main(s)?


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Fighting against Assassin in SC2 was a big shock to me because I didn't really know what the last 3 grey slots were until I found the bonus trio in weapon master. Assassin's throws were what got me hooked on the style and it frustrated me that his command/movelist was not available to view in game.

I remember the strategy guide mentioned someone named "hwang" as the basis for Asssassin and it started my journey as a Hwang main once I explored SoulBlade, SC1 and SC3.

If Raphael didn't undergo a major design change (and an overall feeling of being crapper) in SC3 I would have kept using Raphael in SC3 and beyond most likely. I really did not like the ugly vampire look.


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I've never really had a "main" 'cause I've always enjoyed playing as lots of different characters (and, with the advent of character/outfit creation, in lots of different costumes).

With that said, the character I've used the most in Ranked has been Ivy simply because, besides having played her since IV, I currently have her dressed up as DC's "Poison Ivy" — including using makeup and stickers to turn her skin green.

(Unfortunately I haven't given her any other costumes simply 'cause I don't think I'll ever top that one!)

From a mechanical standpoint I do enjoy her "keep away" tactics, even if my use of range still pails in comparison with other Ivys — but, on the other hand, I feel I'm more comfortable playing her up close than others may be, utilizing various pokes to bait an opponent into a combo that'll naturally knock them away instead of merely backing away myself.


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I'm sure pretty much everyone here has at least that one character that they always use no matter what. That one character that they've spent so many hours training with. Their waifu or husbando. Their ride or die.

Their main.

For everyone here who has a main or mains, who do you use and why do you use them? What do you think of them overall? As for me, I have two mains and they are the following characters!


Sophitia Alexandra. The oldest of the Alexandra sisters and holy warrior of the Gods.

When I first played SC2, she immediately stuck out to me and I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame! Her fighting style is perfect for me and while I'm not the best SC player in the world (more like the worst), Sophitia never fails to give me a few wins here and there!

It should go without saying that Sophitia is my favorite SC character and I'm so loyal to her that I literally will NOT play a SC game if she's not in it! She's my favorite for several reasons, some more personal than others. I love how unwavering and wise she is as well as kind and altruistic! Sophitia actually reminds me of my late mother in a way. Also fun fact: Her birthday (March 12) is ten days after mine (March 2)! All the more reason to love her!

Here's my second main!


Cassandra Alexandra! The younger of the Alexandra sisters!

Just like Sophitia, I was immediately drawn to Cassandra and started using her immediately! However I'm not as good at using Cassandra because I don't train with her as often as her older sister but I do like how much more aggressive she feels compared to her!

The main thing I love about Cassandra is her fieriness! She's what I aspire to be and I actually used to try and emulate her a lot as a kid which had comedic results to say the least. I also love how close Cassandra is with Sophitia which reminds me of my younger siblings and I :)
I find their sibling relationship very endearing. I feel your sentiment. My sister and I are close like that too. I'll admit, when I first saw Cassandra in her P2 outfit in SC3, I sort of had a crush on her. LOL She really looked cute in that outfit. XD


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The character I have mained in every Soul Calibur series has always been Mitsurugi. Back when Soul Blade was an arcade, Mitsurugi's character design and fighting style was pretty cool. To me, he was like the "Ryu" of Soul Calibur, and Hwang, was like the "Ken", back when they actually shared similar move sets. The only difference was that Hwang specialized in a lot of kick attacks.

I liked the idea of the "lone Samurai" concept, and how he was always looking to challenge powerful opponents to become the strongest. His fighting style was easy to pick up, and he was the only character that I know all move sets in every series. I can hold my own rather well, with Mistu, where as with any other character, I have trouble getting into the style. His fighting style fits my personal preference, like a glove. He's also the coolest looking gaming samurai I have ever seen. I enjoyed his story, and how he's often portrayed as a master swordsman. One of my favorite cut scene of him was in SC2 where he battles with riflemens while running from boat to boat, and closing in to finish one of them off. That was pretty epic. And his ending in SC4 against Algol was one of my favorite character endings, where he was like, "Weapons are just tools. True strength comes from within me." Man that was so bad a$$. XD

Also I love being able to draw the sword out from the sheath and putting it away in certain stances, which is really classic of a samurai. In a strange way, he's also like the "Solid Snake" of SoulCalibur too. I know that sounds like bit of a stretch. But like Solid Snake, I like the idea of having to face off against characters that are either stronger, faster, magical, or powerful, and having to use my wits as my greatest weapon to beat them. I have a preference for a well balanced fighting style. I think Sophitia is also a well balanced fighter too, which was interesting to see her and Mitsurugi being showcased in introducing the Soul Calibur 6 trailer at the time. Not sure if you noticed that before, but when I think about it, they both are generally well balanced. While most other characters sit in either as one of the fastest, strongest, or more advanced. While they lean more towards certain advantages, their greatest advantages is not without their greatest weaknesses. so they have to compensate for it somehow. Mitsu and Sophie, are the few characters that may not have to compensate all that much in comparison. Just an interesting outlook. ^^

Oh my secondary is Hwang. Though during the Soul Edge, game, due to similar fighting styles. In later games, it was between Hwang or Yun Seong, other characters I seconded, had been Kilik, and Cervantes. But I'm not particularly really good with any of the other characters. Probably the best secondary I was a little bit good at holding my own the most, was when I played as the Apprentice in SC4. I enjoyed his fighting style, and raw power, and he sort of looks like an evil version of my in-game OC, from a distance. XD Plus, well...I happen to be a huge Star Wars fan. Hehe. XD


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At the very top for me, the one that just comes naturally, is Siegfried. He's a good mix of maneuvers and power. Also helps that I love his overarching story (through 3 in any case).

For a challenge, I use Mitsurugi. I'm not the best as him, but there is something just very satisfying to when I do succeed as him specifically. Like, getting through to Night Terror as Siegfried was relatively simple. But defeating Olcadan as Mitsurugi took hours of training, just thoroughly knowing Mitsurugi inside and out.


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At the very top for me, the one that just comes naturally, is Siegfried. He's a good mix of maneuvers and power. Also helps that I love his overarching story (through 3 in any case).

For a challenge, I use Mitsurugi. I'm not the best as him, but there is something just very satisfying to when I do succeed as him specifically. Like, getting through to Night Terror as Siegfried was relatively simple. But defeating Olcadan as Mitsurugi took hours of training, just thoroughly knowing Mitsurugi inside and out.
Indeed, I like his sword stances especially when he crouches with his sword held like a shield. That pose really looks cool. ^^
He certainly has an interesting story. He's also a lone wolf swordsman, on a journey to redemption. That large sword is probably symbolic of the wieght he carries on his shoulders. I tried playing as Sig several times and have been a fan of giant swords since Cloud Strife from FF7, LOL but couldn't get a grasp of his fighting style. I like his fighting style, but it just didn't suit my gaming preference. ^^;

That's pretty cool. Yeah, Night terror was such a beast of an opponent. I was only able to reach and beat him with Mitsurugi. Got my butt handed to me several times though before I could finally beat him. The first several times felt like all my experience and skills just flew out the window. I felt like Goku, fighting Frieza while using KaoKen the entire time, my best efforts wasn't enough. LOL The only way I managed though was when I recognized a few of his attack patterns. As long as I knew he was going to do a certain attack, it was a little easier for me to predict them and counter. The majority of the time, that beast was just overwhelming me with combos I never seen Nightmare used before. XD What a boss battle though. It was fun. XD

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Don't really have a main, I just play whoever feels strong.

Nightmare in Soul Calibur 2 doesn't interest me, but his playstyle in 6 feels more brutish and more enjoyable.

Voldo feels fun due to all his different stances and how they flow into each other. Maxi would be fun too if he wasn't so bad.
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Yoshimitsu is my main because I knew of him from Tekken 1. It wasn't until I heard of him being in Soul Calibur 2(he was in Soul Calibur 1 but I didn't play that back then), that I grew interested of how he'll play. He stood out in Tekken 1 because he has a weapon aside from Kunimitsu.

The moment he spoke goofy in sc2, was the moment I wanted to main him. I could of went Mitsurugi or Nighty at the time, but Yoshi fits me best.

My current secondary is Seong Mina because tomboys are my thing since Sakura from Street Fighter. I only ended up checking her out because her sc3 2p costume was very cute and I liked the voice actresses for her at the time. I commited myself to her once I got the hang of sc4 and liked how she changed gameplay wise from sc3.

Subs are Mitsurugi and Xianghua but I may learn more.