Will PS4 and Xbox One adopt to freesync?

What are the chances PS4 and Xbox One will adopt the freesync feature?

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[13] Hero
Do you think the PS4 and Xbox One will eventually upgrade their hardware to adopt AMD's free-sync standard?

Would you rather wait for both of them to adopt this feature?

If you're curious on what free-sync is all about? this site has FAQs that will hopefully answer all your questions except the questions I've asked here.


I doubt it. Freesync (cough free G-SYNC) - maybe next gen in about 10 years if something else doesn't make it obsolete. Both consoles have only HDMI 1.4 - not 2.0+ or whatever the future CE standard holds? Just say hello to 4K on the next refresh, when we all can finally afford the TVs, not to mention the TV needing to support it. I think we are looking at computer territory for now.

Is tearing bad on consoles at the moment?


Chikara Sashimi
Tearing tends to be more pronounced on the XB1. (Look at Sniper Elite.) V sync exists though so it usually doesn't pop up all that often as a major issue.