Xianghua combos


[09] Warrior
List compiled thanks to Shen Yuan on CF forums.

CH3B 66B+K- You have to time the 66B+K for it to do max damage. Yes this is more damage than 33KA.

FC3B 66B+K - Same as above. More damage than 3B+K

25B 66B+K
25B 44AA(this move has the strange property of propping the enemy higher into the air) - it is hard to time
25B 44AA 66A - AC to back
25B 44AA 66B+K


CH6A+B 66B+K


Buffed SXS A 3B 66B+K- 60 damage
Buffed SXS K 1BB
Buffed SXS B(guarded) FC3B 66B+K

Against the Wall (majority do close to half life):
4K/66A/214B+G 412B 4A+B 4A+B 1BB
4K/66A/214B+G 412B 4A+B A+B/6A+B 66B+K
4K/66A/214B+G 412B A+B A+B/6A+B 66B+K
4K/66A/214B+G 412B A+B 6A+B 66B+K

2B+G:B+K 6A+B 66B+K
2B+G:B+K 3B 33K A
Most damage: 2B+G:B+K dash forward crouch throw (back throw) 98 damage


[08] Mercenary
2B+G:B+K 6A+B 33KA

Does one point more damage than using 66B+K, unless you can up 66B+K by 2 points by timing, but 33KA is more consistent. And yes, I know the low back throw does more damage, but let's face it, we all like doing combos :3


[08] Mercenary
aB, 1BB - 42
aB, 3B+K - 44

CH A+B, 3B+K - 64

Ch fc3b, 44aa, 66b+k - 80~87
Ch fc3b, 44aa, 44A - AC to back - 76


[10] Knight
1bb is shakeable stun on normal and counter hit, and the 2B+G throw is breakable. Not combos, just ways to prey on badplayers.


[08] Mercenary
Dead Serious! - Xianghua Combos

Dead Serious! - Xianghua Combos

AA - 20
A[A] - 20
44AA - 48
22A - 32
BB - 26
bK - 24
6bK - 32
4B - 30
33B - 45
7_8_9K - 24
1kAA - 57
1kA[A] - 57
4A+B - 50
WS A+B - 20
6B+K - 36
2A+KK - 31/44
2A+K2K - 42
4A+KA - 48


AAB - 36
WS AA - 39
3AK - 41
6BA - 38
66BB - 45
1BB - 36
4BB - 53
33KA - 36
44KB - 45
A+B - 40
6A+B - 43
WS A+BB - 52

Normal Hit Combos:
aB, 1BB - 42
aB, 3B+K - 44
aB, 2A+G - 48 (Breakable)
aB, 2B+G:B+K, 6A+B, 33KA - 68 (Breakable)
aB, 2B+G:B+K, 2B+G - 75 (Breakable)
25B, 66B+K - 57~
25B, 44AA, 66A - 68 (Aircontrol to back)
25B, 44AA, 66B+K - 77~
22_88B, 66B+K - 47
22_88B, 1BB - 50
WS B, 1BB - 44
WS B, 2A+G - 50 (Breakable)
WS B, 2B+G:B+K, 6A+B, 33KA - 68 (Breakable)
WS B, 2B+G:B+K, 2B+G - 77 (Breakable)
WS 3B, 66B+K - 47~64
WS 3B, 33KA - 50
4K, 3B - 32 (Close hit)
4K, Dash, 66K - 30
2A+B, 2K - 32
4B+K, 3B - 75
Buff SXS A, 3B, 66B+K - 60
Buff SXS B (Blocked), 3B, 66B+K - 45~62
Buff SXS B (Blocked), 3B, 33KA - 49
Buff SXS K - 42

Counter Hit Combos:
3AK, 3B - 58
3B, 66B+K - 52
3B, 33KA - 48
WS 3B, 44AA, 66B+K - 84~
WS 3B, 44AA, 66A - 76 (Aircontrol to back)
A+B, 3B+K - 64
6A+B, 66B+K - 63
6A+B, 33KA - 68
WS A+B, 3B - 68
WS A+B, 66K - 67
22_88K, 66B+K - 66
1A+B, 3B, 66B+K - 56
1A+B, 3B, 33KA - 57
1A+B, 66B+K - 47
B+K, 2A+B - 37
B+K, 2B+G:B+K, 6A+B, 33KA - 68 (Breakable)
B+K, 2B+G:B+K, 2B+G - 75 (Breakable)
B+K, 2B+G (Backthrow if used from max range)

Stun Combos:
2B+K, A+B, 3B+K - 56 (Tremor hit)
2B+K, A+B, 66B+K - 40 (Tremor hit)
BT B+K, 33KA - 48
BT B+K, BB - 42

Wall Combos:
4K/66A/214B+G412B/66B+K 4A+B 4A+B 1BB
4K/66A/214B+G412B/66B+K 4A+B A+B/6A+B 66B+K
4K/66A/214B+G412B/66B+K A+B A+B/6A+B 66B+K
4K/66A/214B+G412B/66B+K A+B 6A+B 66B+K


[08] Mercenary
25B, 44A, 88A - Best I could come up with off 25B that is completely Un-Acable and does good damage


[08] Mercenary
I'm havign a hard time doing 66A <W> 4A+B. Did it get removed in 1.03 or do I just suck?

edit Ah never mind 66A <W> A+B 4A+B 1BB seems to be much easier.


[09] Warrior
Here's some wall game I was messing round with. I was trying to find the best setups for buffed SXSB to get a relaunch back into wall and I came up with this.

4K, 4A+B, 3B, 33.

This works much like the 25B, 33 combo in which the 3B sends the high enough for the first swipe of 33 to connect and slam them into the ground. Assuming their recovery options are the same as 25B, 33 they will have to GI or JU to escape. Otherwise they are eating buffed SXSB guarded or not. I believe this will give them the least amount of options and time to react to a buffed SXSB relaunch attempt. If you get relaunch your looking at somewheres in the 150's for dmg.

Also was looking at 3B+K into wall, as I seem to get this to land a lot.

3B+K, Wall, 2B+G:B+K, dash, 2B+G gives 102 dmg. Throw can be broken of course, but considering your options with 3B+K into wall I think it's worth it.


[09] Warrior
I'm gonna try working in more "relaunch" style ideas into my game. Great combo/setup ioKain, I'll test it out tonight.

I've been doing a similar thing with 22B->1 for a bit now, really helps out against people that just love to interrupt SXS stuff.

Also, can we compile a slightly different wall combo list?

Check it out - if you are perpendicular to a wall then all those wall combos work well. However sometimes the distance to the wall as well as the angle to the wall can screw up the combos.

Can we sort/post the combos that are the easiest and most damaging from: Perpendicular to a wall (close), perpendicular to a wall (far), angled to a wall (close) angled to a wall (far).

I'm saying this because my staple fav wall combo (4k->4A+B->4A+B->1bb) doesn't work when sideways, as the second 4A+B doesn't connect


[09] Warrior
33_99A seems to double-over stun on CH, and it's a stepping horizontal mid. Step->punish->crouch throw, anyone? =D


[09] Warrior
Holy beefcakes, I've never heard of that combo. That might be a little more efficient than going for the crouch throw, since I seem to be having spacing issues with it. =O

edit: Never mind, just checked above and 1BB doesn't pick up after aB =\ Oh well.


[08] Mercenary
Holy beefcakes, I've never heard of that combo. That might be a little more efficient than going for the crouch throw, since I seem to be having spacing issues with it. =O

edit: Never mind, just checked above and 1BB doesn't pick up after aB =\ Oh well.
aB was never part of the combo though lol. Maybe I'm just confused.

Anybody know of any lead ups other than a tech trap to get :2::A:+:B: or :2::B:+:G:, from 33_99:A:?


[09] Warrior
I posted earlier that I had an idea to pick up with 1BB after aB to continue into the staple, but I just checked above and saw that it didn't work.

Crouch throws are guaranteed after CH 33_99A if you're close enough. At a distance, you have to close in a little, at which point they might already have shaken out.