Xianghua not in SCV


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Honestly I’m optimistic that her daughter will be fine. I mean, I liked that X was all “JUST KIDDING!” but they could keep that vibe or make the daughter serious and either way I’d like it. I just really hope she’s not too blandly “cute” like Talim was (God I hate Talim).


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her daughter is going to be even more annoyingly schoolgirl-ish than her mother. Luckily she'll make Natsu seem mature in comparison


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hey talim wasn't too bad xD odds are she'll be worse judging by the fact her mother was nearly as bad and was a few years older. she is going to be what two years younger then talim. Good luck with maturity. you'll probably get perma tira jolly side. :3


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Thank fuck that "Just Kidding" is getting the fuck out of the game. I know a guy called bboy-skyzo from PSN that absolutely rapes people with her. He pisses me off >:D