Yoda vs SC Broken Destiny?

Discussion in 'Yoda' started by Nightstar_Ace, Sep 11, 2009.

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    I'm curious, especially with a lot of the smart players with frame data and such on here, what do you think Yoda's match up would be against SC's newest entrants, Kratos and Dampierre?

    Now just my opinion (although basic in description for me here), I think Yoda's in big trouble against Kratos with his good short and long range attacks, especially his 28 B+K with a Yoda wiff. However, a lot of Kratos' moves can hurt him badly against Yoda (i.e. B+K ____fill in attack here, or BBB). His kicks too would seem to wiff at Yoda.

    As for Dampierre, I'm maining him right now in SC BD, but I still don't think I've got enough of an idea of what this Duddley DooRight villain look alike can really do. Still trying to learn the importance of his Fake Pain stance.

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    This isn't important unless Kratos and Dampierre become DLC, but in my opinion he would be crushed by Kratos' range and power, but he might stand a chance against Dampierre however small it maybe be there is still some hope in that matchup...
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    Nah Yoda is rubbish compared to them
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