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  • hey nightstar! what time are u free ? gimme a message for our tourney match! my psn is woahhzz
    I'm free tomorrow night after 10:30pm. I might be free online tonight (I've got friends coming over), but I can't guarentee. just send me a message tonight.
    Yeah thanks :D I'll add you ASAP, but I wont be able to play untill next week. My PSN is QueensGangstaX and unfortunately, I didn't pack my ps3 for my trip to NY (back and forth) so untill I get back "home" I wont have access. Sorry :[
    yes i agree with with you my young companion, special mode did begin getting a little cheap with all of the peons afoot aiming for the quick ring-out win, but dont worry my friend my sieg is just as demonic in standard as in special, i havent played in a while though so i hope the next time we meet i may be able to take a slaying from you
    Heard you had some difficulties with spamming Mitsus. Yes the can be annoying, especially when lag comes into play, but that stance he has with his sword sheathed ready to do "any of his unblockables" (he has 2, he can only use 1 in this stance, Relic, though it is ferocious)
    Here's a tip against it, the longer he holds it the more range it has. The longer he holds it it switches from High to Mid to two Lows.
    Here's what you do to avoid any issues: if you're close to him and you see him do it duck immediately and quickly do a while rising, so even if he does the quick high GI it misses you and you get your free attack. there is nothing you can do i know of that will stop the second mid unblockable because i dont think its steppable, just follow the former advice. the double low though is jumpable.... If you need help against Mitsus though feel free to get some training in with me, I can tone down style to replicate spam scrubs if that's what you have problems with.
    Hey, I didn't know you were on 8way . . . well, I haven't been here long, so I guess that's not surprising. XP
    okay mate i will. but i have an exam period now so i won't be much online. i will contact you asap anyway.
    Sorry, I can't. I already gave everyone a 2 day extension, so everyone had 4 days to complete their round 3 match, and we really need to move on with the tournament.
    Hey would you mind asking if we can extend the time limit for our match? Is that ok with you? Well if it is can you please ask Oof if we can extend it. Thanks, if we can't we'll just fight earlier. but i would prefer to have it extended. Also add me on PSN. thanks.
    Man, i forgot that other tourny wasnt even finished yet. When do you want to play? Chances are if im online im playing re5, but I can take a break from that for a match. Hit me up on psn
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