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  1. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    I love character creation stuff. I mostly make recreations, of both old SC characters and those of other media... and I make a few 3p costume's and original's here and there... but for now all I have to show the world is my recreation of SCIV Seong Mi-na until the weekend... If anyone cares. It's one of my favorites.


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  2. DYY

    DYY [09] Warrior

    That is by far the best seong-mina recreation I have seen. Nothing about that CAS looks off.

    would you mind sharing body dimensions? The curves on your CAS look perfect to me.
  3. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    Why thank you! To be honest... I didn't play around with the body to much, what they had with default was pretty good. I do believe that I increased the Chest size a bit... I don't recall how much though.
  4. Solo

    Solo [14] Master

    The Seong-Mina CaS is pretty sweet, it makes me want to learn Xiba kind of. She was a former main of mine in SCIV. Always loved that style over the staff one. She clicked with me almost as much as Sieg. Thanks for reminding me of some good times. :D
  5. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    You're welcome! Xiba is my main (which makes this one all the more liked by myself) and Kilik WAS my main in IV (I did use Mi-na a bit). She is still one of my favorite characters though, and it sucks that she and her gang are gone... but I have this! :D
  6. Luneth22

    Luneth22 [13] Hero

    Thats the best Seong-Mina CAS I've ever seen. Good memories! And keep it up.
  7. Solo

    Solo [14] Master

    She was pretty cool, had a confident personality while not annoying the hell out of me like Cassandra. I never liked the Kilik style though, and I hate Xiba because of how much he talks about food. >.<
  8. Norik

    Norik [14] Master

    Dark Khill
    Can't wait to see what you do next!
  9. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    I know I said I didn't have anything else to post 'til the weekend, but I forgrt this one was already on my computer... It's my meh Talim, there are still more changes I want to make to it though so yeah... It is a combonation between he SCII and SCIV outfits, and I gave heave Maxi's Chained sickles because both nunchaku and tonfa are okinawan weapons, and these are bladed just like Talims elbow blade thingies....

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  10. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    Hey world! It's the weekend, so here's the first batch of creations for the day.
    "Sophita"- Elysium 3p
    I was gonna remake Sophitia, but considering that Elysium has all mesurments and colors exactly (even voice, duh) that I can't precisely imitate, I felt subconsious making one from scratch Elysium will be there to remind me it's not exact. Either way, I like it.

    Best Cassandra Ever!- Recreation
    At least in my opinion, it is. Yeah, not much to say about this one. The only things that really bother me are the fact that the Nable Dress doesn't show cleavage like Cassandra's SCIV outfit, I can't exactly find the right shoulder pads, and it bugs me a little that I could hardly decide on a style. Pyrrha's is more girly and involves a fue butt checks like Cassandra, but overall Patroklos is more agressive in opinionn like Cassandra, so I went with him.

    Mario- Recreation
    Ha... Yeah...

    Warrior Mistress- Ivy 3p
    I've always wanted to make a heavy armored Ivy. I was going for a sort of gladiator/barbarian look. Predominate colors are Ivy's signature purple, gold and red. And I forgot to take a picture of it, but I gave her the metallic Amazon Undergarments, so her butt showing (like most of her costumes)
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  11. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    I suggest picking some smaller shoulders for Cassandra.
  12. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    More stuff...
    Update- Cassandra
    I tried changing the shoulders, does anyone like these better?

    Kratos- Recreation
    A lot of people make Kratos, mostly because he is suprisingly easy to make. I wanted to take a crack at it.

    Cloud- Recreation
    I wanted to use horns to see what I could do with his hair.

    Lyn (Fire Emblem)
    I tried to use the Demon Tail to imitate her super long ponytail, it kinda worked.

    Sothe (Fire Emblem)- Recreation
    I really like the way this one turned out.

    Tifa (Final Fantasy VII)- Recreation
    I just love to use this one. Devil Jin's style works perfectly with Tifa.

    I may try posting some original characters soon...
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  13. rdmunhoz

    rdmunhoz [13] Hero

    mario is the BEST
  14. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Cassandra looks a lot better with smaller shoulders.
  15. Ob_Servant

    Ob_Servant [05] Battler

    nice mario =) one of the best i saw so far
    also like your sc4 recreations!
  16. yosharioIII

    yosharioIII [08] Mercenary

    Finally got to posting some more. I've been playing a lot of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy recently, so I made a lot of those...

    Cloud Strife V2- Recreation, Final Fantasy VII
    Aerith Gainsborough- Recreation, Final Fantasy VII
    Tifa Lockheart V2- Recreation, Final Fantasy VII
    Sephiroth- Recreation, Final Fantasy VII
    Terra Branford- Recreation, Final Fantasy VI
    Kefka Palazzo- Recreation, Final Fantasy VI
    God of Magic Kefka- Recreation, Final Fantasy VI
    Bartz Klauser- Recreation, Final Fantasy V
    Squall Leonheart- Recreation, Final Fantasy VIII
    Ultimecia- Recreation, Final Fantasy VIII
    Kain Highwind- Recreation, Final Fantasy IV
    Lightning- Recreation, Final Fantasy XIII
    Warrior of Light- Recreation, Final Fantasy
    Garland- Recreation, Final Fantasy
    Gladiator- Patroklos Alt.
    Celia- Original
    I call her a mage-knight, Yoshimitsu's style has a lot of magic-ish moves. Plus I've always wanted to use his European swords. I'm not too sure about the Soceress Hat though... how does it look?

    Fa- Original

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  17. Left4Dead

    Left4Dead [10] Knight

    One of my favorite topics, what I really like is that you remembered other FF games aside from FF7 and 8.
    I Love your Mario and your God of Magic/Kefka, Aerith looks nice but I think you can tweak some details on body proportions...
    I absolutly love your Lyn, she is a character I thought making when I first saw Patsuka, but somehow I forgot =p

    I think I'm doing Victor tonight... or mayb Roy...
  18. Pocky-Yoshi

    Pocky-Yoshi [14] Master

    Gladiator Pat, Celia, and that oriental lady original of yours catch my attention besides the obligatory recreations.

    Pat looks great no lie. No need to change anything.

    Celia. I'd probably get rid of the face paint, but that's just me thinking it feels out of place.

    The oriental lady is very nice, but I feel some stuff should be changed. I can't put my finger on it, but I'll touch back on this subject another time.

    Edit: Pocky Yoshi loves your Seong Mi-na recreation a ton. Well done!
  19. JoelDarkside

    JoelDarkside [08] Mercenary

    Wow, your FF characters are kickass!
  20. Alexandra

    Alexandra Fearless Eyes

    Lightning is really good. I would suggest changing her to ZWEI's style because of her horse thingy and because her sword is more like a longsword than a rapier. Otherwise, the rest were perfect.

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