Yoshi match openers?


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I haven't been able to test 4B+K after block (end of semester college will do wonders for your schedule), but I think you might be right JT. I have a bit of free time here in a little bit, so I'll check then.

I've also tried a+bK as an opener, mostly to give myself some room. I'm thinking about 44A as well, as it would allow for a small backstep and catch rushing opponents. The only thing that would worry me would be the somewhat slow startup for it, meaning that you would have to both guess correctly and have a fairly fast input.

UPDATE: I've checked to see if I could do 4B+K after being blocked with 66B+K and it doesn't work; instead it just puts you into FLE after a delay.

The 664B+K cancel is actually 66(4)B+K according to the input readout, so I'm guessing the hold is overriding Trooper Roll. I've tried doing the 6654 with no hold and that actually performs Trooper Roll. Oddly enough, it's actually the same as Trooper Roll, it's just a matter of when you input B+K. Doing 4B+K simultaneously will lead to Roll, while a delay on B+K will lead to the Spinning Evade. I think this is a pretty good discovery, as it gives you yet another tool in the arsenal for the opening.

UPDATE 2: I've actually done the 4B+K simultaneously and it still did Spinning Evade (i.e. 664B+K). It's 6644B+K that does the Roll, though there is a rather small but noticeable pause between the run and attack. I've repeated this several times, though additional confirmation would be appreciated


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Depends on the opponent + char I am facing.

Long range chars like Ivy and Astaroth tend to throw out a horizontal mid at the start so i usually would try to predict that and get a free A+K. Otherwise just back off and work way in. Sometimes i'll risk 8A+B B+K A_K mixup to start. Again this is usually to counter what I think the opponent will start with.


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New favorite match opener (use if you think your opponent is going to press buttons at the start):
66A BE
If the opponent presses something and you get the CH, then iMCF>RCC 3B>JF 4AAAAA

So if it connects, he is fucked because it guarantees an RO on 90% of the RO stages. With the very first attack. I lost track of the number of matches this won me against some of the most experienced players here lol. First blood ROs on Pat (2P included), Ivy, Mitsu, LX, Cerv, Sieg, Zwei, Aeon, Yoshi, Kilik, Astral Chaos stage etc. On Natsu's map for 1P it's sometimes possible to RO by adding a:B+K DNK if you recover due to the angle of the right wall. I did it on Viola's map too, but it requires a 2nd JF 4AAAAA.

It's indescribably fun seeing people go completely WTF after that.

If the (CH) 66A BE connects against someone on Voldo's map with walls intact then iMCF, RCC 3B (against the collapsible wall), W! (wall collapses), 3AB BE, a:B+K, DNK guarantees an RO.


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I like to [A+B]K into meditation teleport mixups. I know its not the best opener but its fairly safe especially if you don't want to get caught by algol's 4B+K chair trap.


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I usually start with 44B+K on first round but depending on opponent I may switch up using 44B+K 2B+K K (or 66A) against side-steppers. May also start with CE if the opponent always rushes at the start of the round.