Your future Mains?


[09] Warrior
So, with the addition of Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na, we now have 17 characters! The roster is currently looking pretty good. Which characters do you plan on making, and which (if any) do plan on picking up?
Edit: Azwel, Cervy and Raph have been revealed.
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[10] Knight
Siegfried (per usual).
Also Nightmare. I keep shying away from him because he reminds me of Siegfried but is just different enough. I want to overcome that and be proficient with both.


[14] Master
From what's known: Seong Mi-na, Talim, Xianghua
From what I expect to be revealed: Hwang, Raphael

I also plan on giving Grøh a fair shake; he looks like he could be neat.


[13] Hero
Difficult question to answer when i dont yet have the game. I can say who my absolute favorites and hated characters are.

Zasalamel, Ivy, Cervantes, Algol, Valeria.
Xiangua, Maxi, Kilik, Mitsurugi, Yun, and now add Groh to that list.
Like but dont use:
Hilde, Voldo, Yoshimitsu

Everyone else is somewhere in between all of that.


[01] Neophyte
Xianghua's always been a solid pick for me and she looks good to me so far. I've always liked Kilik as well, although I'm not sure his Soul Charge is my style and I never learned his Monument/Asura Dance/FotD stuff.

Groh looks pretty cool, fast offensive character with decent range. I might sub Ivy if her zoning game stays as strong as it is, if you can't beat 'em join 'em and all.


[12] Conqueror
SC5 gutted a lot of my characters that I used, and some of the ones that made the cut changed into something I didn't like anymore. In the end I only played Siegffried and NM.

With sc6? Well it's probably going to be:

Siegfried-#1 main
NM-#2 main
Seong Mina
raphael (if he's in)
Cervantez (we all know he's gonna be in)
Cassandra (if she's in)

I generally prefer longer range characters, as I like to play keep out and whiff punishing.


[14] Master
Hilde (Bamco plz include, thx)
Power Gap
Literally everyone else.

I’m of the mind that if you learn everyone’s go to strings, setups, and gimmicks, it makes you a better player overall.

Haruka Ishijima

[03] Disciple
Sticking with Sophitia, I shall. To me, it is similar to playing as Mario in Smash 4. Recently, while I was playing SC3 Taki started to appeal to me with all the rolling, flipping and flying around she well as her kunoichi Bob-ombs which is her coolest move to do.

So yeah...Sophitia and Taki, hands down. Should Setsuka be announced, shall be sticking with her as well.

Sayonara :sc3set1:


[09] Warrior
I, myself, will stick to my Taki and mitsufor the most part, I'll definitely give Mi na a good go. Same with Tira. I'll flex with Setsuka, Mighty Nighty, Sieg, and a CaS Ashlotte.


I'll see what ones feel right and probably main those. The game seems to be changing up a lot of characters and mechanics so I won't really know until I get a chance to sit down and check all of them out.

In the past I've primarily played Raphael, Mitsurugi, and Aeon/Lizardman.