Your least used moves with Le Bello


World Warrior
Rather than top ten, post your bottom moves, it doesn't have to be 10 just whatever you don't use often. Perhaps we can help each other out and share ideas as to how to make more use out of some of them.

My 10 least used moves:

10. 1B

This move, while I do use it here and there sometimes after certain knockdowns and on wakeup, at i24 it's a low that opponents should be reacting to and blocking low on reaction. So while it might sometimes work consistently online because of lag, people should be reacting to it and punishing it hard (-28).

9. 2A+B

This move is an even slower low at i29. It's a bit less unsafe at -18, but it's best feature is that it rings out and catches step. Even so this move is low priority for me because of how sitational it is. It is a good move to catch opponents off guard for not being used to seeing it though.

8. 4K

This move is low priority for me because it is situational. I mainly use this move as a step catcher if the opponent steps to my left (counter clock-wise, CCW). And I use it more often against certain characters that have good CCW evades such as Ivy with her 3B and 214B.

7. 4A

This is a move that I never really placed into my game. It seems to be decent as a quick guard burst move if the opponent is stepping a lot, as it guard bursts in 13. But aside from that this move just doesn't seem to fit into my style.

6. 44BKBK

I suppose this move can be used as a gimmick for those who aren't used to it, but honestly outside of that I don't find it that useful. Even in situations where it combos for a ring out, I find that just doing B!E! instead is just as sufficient.

5. 6B BE

This move is just a waste of meter and not worth doing at all in a competitive match.

4. 7_8_9A

Dampierre has better tech jumps, and better step killers. Making this move not part of my arsenal at all.

3. 22_88A

A high, side evading move that stuns. It's just not worth doing imo since he has much better ways of dealing with linear moves.

2. 44_11_77AB

While this move is gimmicky, and can be useful as a step catcher. I have never been able to properly incorporate it into my style. This is probably the one move on my list that I should really look into incorporating into my game. In other words my most underrated move.

1. 22_88KK BE

A risky waste of BE. To its credit though, I have used it successfully a few times after my 22K got blocked, Dampierre "escaped" by rolling away, and my opponent's retaliation (a high attack) went completely over me. Luckily Dampierre rolled away rather than jumped. If this move didn't require meter I would probably use it a bit more often. But aside from that it's pretty much a waste of meter.

There you have it. Feel free to comment on my list, or list yours.


[10] Knight
I like to use 1B becasuse it has decent range and isn't too slow but I'm starting to use it less now that people are getting used to the animation. I pretty much agree on all the other moves listed. I'll add a few more moves to the list but since I barely use them I may be incorrect on some of my information. :P

I think 3BB is pretty bad. It's unsafe and doesn't really do anything special other than catching people who haven't seen it much.

PB A is a move I barely ever use as I get hit out of it quite often.

11KK is so unsafe it hurts. If Dampierre goes into PB then I think it's unsafe on hit.

33BK can be punished after the first hit unless it's the GB version. I always stick with 33B BE instead.


1B, from max range on block, you may be "safe" if they fail to punish consistently on time depending on the match up, it's an ok low for me...

PB A, this move for some reason (might be yomi power) but lately when I use it against good opponent it will hit...this is really odd, it's like some force is telling me to use it (since I get bored of PB B at times)

44A,B, has good TC, the animation is deceiving because there was a time I thought it hit grounded, wish it was least HC'able...

3AAAAA, yep I just can't seem to throw it out, I never even think of using this for combos, I'm persuaded not to use it even more because of the scaling after a wall hit...(I would use it if it remained...10,10,10,10 etc, rather than 10, 8, 8, 6, etc...)



[10] Knight
PB A is suprisingly good and i believe you get a 1B afterwards too or at least a 2B lol

I agree with almost every move on the list so far, i'd like to add:

BT B+K - Dont know about anyone else but i have never used this, it has no real use for me.


Alchemist of the Ages
BT B+K I don't use it very often but I sometimes do throw it out and usually I always get the opponent.
PB A- I dont hate this move but most of the time I can't get anyone but sometimes ppl try to side step and it hits but thats a rare time.
88_22A-Just not much use to me, I sometimes do it out of instinct as a side step move but most of the time it gets blocked.
8A/8B- I never use jump moves aside 8 B+K(which I love using it ^__^) and I forget I have them sometimes.
44BKBK- I rather use B!E! I have used 44B(mostly as a taunt) when someone got supremely close and it stunned them, was only able to use it once tho.

Thats the moves I rarely/never use

Edit: I don't know why but I love using 22_88K even the BE I was wondering if thats in anyone else's least used moves? If so I was wondering why and what other moves do you suggest?


[08] Mercenary
Basically all of Dampierre's fun/cool moves are useless. In the end I was never quite able to get into this game in part because of how they balanced it. Hopefully in the next game they figure out what kind of character they actually want Dampierre to be and I can enjoy it more.

In general though moves I never use would be things like his fake pain low grab, which I've attempted to use before and have had no success with in the past. Most of his multi hitting moves are surprisingly dangerous to use too so that can be problematic. It basically boils down to just a handful of pokes that whittle away at the opponents health for the most part.

44 A,B is a bit gimmicky, but it generally works if you throw it out once a blue moon. I think part of the idea with this character was to be unpredictable and this is one of those things. Even if you're used to the attack, if someone throws it out at you once in a thirty minute session it's probably going to catch them on the second hit lol.