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Tfw you turn 21 and realize you’re a step closer to being buried underground in a cemetery...
Happy birthday, Crash. And don't sweat the time, you've got a LOT of enjoyable steps ahead of you. (Take it from me.) Cheers!
My 1st stream of SCVI has been canceled for today; I’ll try to get one in by next week.
Hi. Just dropping by to thank you for liking my stuff. Have a good day. ^_^
No problem! You do good work, some of the best I've seen around here since SC6 came out. Keep it up!
Planning on making a SCVI stream this coming October. Go to for more information.
I’m also running my final test stream before October comes.
So I watched the sequel to Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island where the gang return on Moonscar Island. Now I knew the animation wasn't going to be top notch, but fuck the movie's story telling was pure trash and I hated how Velma just ignorantly denied how the monsters in the first movie were fake.

The movie was super bad.

Stream is up. Please come join me and watch some most excellent play.
i l oeve uyo jimy! Just dropping in to remind/pester you about voting and supporting SCV in the Fall Classic poll by oneframelink! Simply retweet this message and you're done! If you do not have a twitter please take five minutes of your day to make one! You don't even need to bother with the account again afterwards! If you have already voted, then thank you!!
I'm sooo glad to be back!! I'd love to get some matches with you all online and test out my Cassandra so feel free to add me on PSN @ armvni!
New, probably final Cerv wiki update: Frames for 8WR moves, SC move damages, 66(B) block fixed and clarified 66B/66(B) functionality. Added first hit only a6 command due to unique properties. Still missing: RE A followup to some extent, because it's annoying to check manually, speed of Dark Flame and other teleports etc., however I won't be doing that. This concludes my updates, at least until season 2 changes
Currently working to update Cervantes' SCVI frame data page. So far I've added move names, several KND and STN to hit/chit moves, hit advantages to vertical category, new move K~2 (still need damage and startup), also added 8WR B+K and mobility moves and some DC cancels for completion's sake. Also noticed some moves that were updated in the game remained at old values, but I haven't fixed those completely.
New update for missing hit/block frames of moves from 5K down to 66(A). Fixed some moves that were patched like 1aB,B, 4B,K, 4B:BB etc., and unified notations a little. Since A+B has special cancel windows for its DC. I added guard advantage for the G and 6, also found general recovery frames for DC 6 dash. Future updates could investigate invincibility on the DC B+K, soul charge moves and final frame advantages.