New profile posts

Been super busy with full time work, so I hardly have much personal time for myself.
It's not so bad though. Just gotta figure out a creative way to make time somehow. I'll be in touch
whenever possible. ^^
Finally back online. Been without internet access for 3 to 4 days until I was finally able to pay my bill. XD
Always a battle in life. I guess what's in my soul, is "Making ends Meets" LOL
I finally made a visual contribution of one of my fan related works. Hope you guys enjoy! ^^
If Obama never became President, Justin Bieber would still a nobody. If Obama never became President, Hilary Duff's success would have continued for ages
I'm still thinking of sharing my fan comic here. I just haven't figured out exactly how I want to post them,.
The weeks have kept me super busy. ^^
oh snap, I didn't notice this but it's really cool seeing Seong Mina's image on the header of the web page above and seeing my persona header below in contrast, with the black and white version of the characters. I thought that was visually a cool coincidence. XD
Oh hey there! I had no idea you have an account here too! Greetings! This is a very pleasant surprise! XD
And I see that you have a great avatar of your lovely character Aziza there. ^^
I came back to 8Wayrun after years of absence. I was generally very busy the entire time. ^^;
Hm...after looking up the definition of a fan trailer. I guess what I have is not exactly a content of anything up and coming, but more like a fan video of a trailer. So I came to the conclusion that I'll post it under "fan video". ^^;
Not sure whether to post my fan video under the catagory of trailer, or fan video. It's my own character trailer, but it's just fan made.
I guess to be safe, I'll put it under "fan video" cause it's not an actual trailer per say, if that makes any sense. XD
Sweet! My video was already approved. I hadn't noticed until I checked my media thing. XD Cool. ^^
I posted my two part fan video, called "Interactive Warrior" This was done back when I was in college. ^^
I guess I'll have to wait for an approval. ^^;
It's super quiet around here. It seems most of the activity is taking place in live streams. I guess I'll drop by later. ^^