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  • Amy Sorel
    Debut: Soulcalibur III
    Voice (E): Heather Hogan
    Voice (J): Kanako Tateno (SC3)
    Hitomi Nabatame (SC4, SC6)
    Age: Unknown
    Birthplace: Rouen, French Empire
    Birthday: Unknown (She met Raphael on October 22)
    Blood: Unknown
    Height: 4'5" (140 cm)
    Weight: 70 lbs (36 kg)
    Family: Foster father / Raphael
    Her real parents are unknown
    Fighting Style
    Type: English Sword Rapier
    Weapon: Albion
    Discipline: La Rapière des Sorel
    Amy (エイミ, Eimi) made her first appearance in Soulcalibur II, albeit only in the opening video sequence. She appeared as a playable bonus character for Soulcalibur III and in Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition she is included as one of the main characters. Amy returns in Soulcalibur IV with an updated costume which bears a similar style to the previous one. When Amy became an independent character, rather than a costume for the Rapier style, she gained her own, unique moveset which is based on her fighting style in Soulcalibur III: Arcade Edition. In Soulcalibur VI, she is a downloadable character.


    Bio: Soulcalibur III​

    The night was cold and the moonlight strong. Enshrouded in darkness, Amy sat, motionless, staring out into the dark night. Torches blazed amidst the acrimonious clanging of armour below. "Be a good girl, I'll be back in a while."That is what he said before taking his sword and leaving. The night became quiet, but not for long. Raphael was gone, for her sake. She rose from her chair and went towards to door, stopping there. She looked back for a moment, and turned and opened the door. She thought about those words once more, and her lips formed a smile.

    Bio: Soulcalibur IV​

    Peace had been restored to the night, but still he did not return. He had left her. Left their castle home behind. She knew he had done it for her sake, because he wanted her to be happy more than anything else in this world, but nonetheless, she was restless. "Be a good girl, I'll be back in a while." Those were his last words to her, but Amy had to ponder them for a moment. Even the most dutiful fledgling takes flight when the longing for its parents grows too strong. (The cursed sword, Soul Edge. Did he leave in order to find it again?) How many nights must she wonder? A single butterfly was being tossed about on the cold night winds like a lonely star drifting far from heaven, like a soul freed from all its burdens. Silently, with all her feelings neatly locked away where non could see them, Amy pushed open the door.

    Character Artwork​

    Art: Soulcalibur III (+UFS)​

    amySC3art1.jpg amySC3art2.jpg amySC3wp1.jpg

    Art: Soulcalibur IV (+BD)​

    amySC4art1.jpg amySC4art2.jpg amySC4cg1.jpg amySC4cg2.jpg amySC4wp1.jpg amySC4wp2.jpg

    Art: Soulcalibur VI​

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