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  • Fighting Styles​

    This style grants the unique ability to produce dual swords, a giant axe, and a spear-and-shield combination out of thin air. Not technically a fighting style per se, the combat techniques used here are a product of Azwel's "martial philosophy and theory," and the weapons crafted from a special device he made in his pursuit of "saving" the human race.

    Beyond simple slashes and strikes, this style boasts a host of unorthodox techniques—weapons are turned into projectiles, and blades are even manipulated mid-air to fall upon a surprised opponent in one deadly rush.

    Because an opponent has no idea what they will have to defend against until a weapon is produced, they can have a tough time anticipating just what sort of attack will come at them next. On the other hand, it requires intense concentration to create and maintain weapons, making it hard for a wielder to move their physical body while controlling them.

    Once a weapon has been produced, it can be reproduced more quickly, adding a layer of depth that must be considered when forming a long-term strategy. Understanding this is the key to unlocking a whole world of potential.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Multiple Weapon Modes
    This fighting style is unique in that it allows you to create three different weapon sets out of thin air: dual swords, a giant ax, and a spear and shield combination.​
    Producing a new weapon changes the weapon mode, but using moves from the same weapon mode allows for faster attacks. Make sure you know which mode you're in so you can unleash powerful offensive strikes.​

    • Individual Weapon Mode Idiosyncrasies
    At the start of the battle, you will have yet to be in any single weapon mode. This means your attacks will be slowed until you create a weapon. Dual swords are a good first choice, since they allow for quick attacks. If you want to break through your opponent's guard, use the giant ax; if you'd rather go on the defensive, then select the spear and shield.​

    • Fighting at Close Range
    With dual swords, the Heretic's Sweep (:2::A:) is fast and simple to use. With the giant ax, Truculent World (:6::B::B:) can be used from a distance.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • Weapon Arts
    Each weapon mode gives you access to a special move known as a weapon art.​
    When using dual swords you have Pleroma Ascension (with dual swords :B+K:), a long-range move that serves as a combo starter. The giant ax gives you access to O, Fallen Scholar (with giant ax :B+K:), a powerful low attack that can be used in conjunction with Eternal Conflict (:3::B::B:) to break your opponent's guard. If you have your spear and shield out, Aufheben Sublimation (with spear and shield :B+K:) unleashes a guard impact and counter. All weapon arts are powerful, but reset your weapon mode to null after use.​

    • The Ultimate Mode: Almighty
    You can transition into Almighty mode from a move that produces multiple weapons at the same time. While in this mode, all attacks strike more quickly, so you should aim to activate it as often as possible. Throws and the following moves activate Almighty mode: Pilgrimage of Anthropos (:A::A::A:), Seven Sages' Aphorism (:B::B::B:), Epistemological Punishment (:6::A+B:), and March of Humanity (during 8-way run :A+B:).​

    • Unleash Weapon Arts While in Almighty Mode
    All weapon arts mentioned above can be used in Almighty mode, which is what makes it such a powerful tool. While in this mode, press :B+K: to perform Pleroma Ascension, :6::B+K: to perform O, Fallen Scholar, and :4::B+K: to perform Eternal Conflict.​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Actively Use Special Stances
    One of the most unusual aspects of this style is that :K: commands usually transition you into a special stance instead of performing a kick. For example:​
    :K:: Beauty of Balance (dual swords stance)​
    :3: or :6: or :9::K:: Tragedy of War (giant ax stance)​
    :1: or :4: or :7::K:: Comedy of Errors (spear and shield stance)​
    These special stances not only allow you to transition into another mode, but also open up moves specific to each stance. You can also use attacks such as Heretic's Sweep (:2::A:) and Path to Glory (:2::B::B:) to switch to another stance. Master these techniques to chain multiple attacks together.​

    • Beauty of Balance: Dual Swords
    Salvation Doctrine (during Beauty of Balance :A::A::A:) is a simple and quick move. Input :A::A::K: or :A::A::6::K: to change into a different stance and bombard your opponent with an offensive rush.​

    • Tragedy of War: Giant Ax
    The middle attack and break attack War and Destruction (during Tragedy of War :B:) and the low attack Fall of the Wise (during Tragedy of War :6::K:) are excellent for crushing your opponent's guard.​

    • Comedy of Errors: Spear and Shield
    If your opponent is too close for comfort, push them back with Will to Dominate (during Comedy of Errors :B::B:) or Executioner's Gavel (during Comedy of Errors :B::6:).​

    Critical Edges​

    From Science, With Love​

    • Properties
    An extremely quick upward sword slash while in dual swords or Almighty mode.​

    • Tips
    Mainly useful for combos. This attack becomes even faster in the dual swords and Almighty modes, so it's useful for counterattacking an opponent after guarding, or pushing back against an aggressive opponent.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Perpetual Almighty Mode
    During a soul charge, you're always in Almighty mode, which makes all attacks faster. It also means you can perform as many of the three weapon arts as you wish.​

    • A Unique Critical Edge Becomes Available
    If you have one bar of your soul gauge available during a soul charge, you can unleash I Shall Save Humanity! (during soul charge :6::A+B+K:), a critical edge with phenomenal power and range.​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Following Up with :A:
    A giant, swinging high attack that allows you to move before your opponent if they guard. You can also transition into one of the three stances with :A::K:, :A::6::K:, or :A::4::K:, making it useful for dominating the battle.​

    • Following Up with :B:
    Deals a huge amount of damage. You can press :B::B: to go into Almighty mode.​

    • Following Up with :K:
    A move that allows you to evade your opponent's :A:, :B: and :K: attacks. However, if you use the move when your opponent hasn't attacked, you will be left wide open.​
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