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  • Fighting Styles​

    The School of the Wolf is a school of witchers who specialize in killing monsters by means of two swords—one steel, one silver.

    They come from another world entirely, yet boast superlative sword techniques that enable them to survive here. A special feature of their fighting style is their ability to use basic spells called "Signs." Since Signs consume magic energy, they cannot be used in quick succession, but their supernatural effects enable their users to dominate in many a battle.

    The silver sword is intended for dispatching monsters in the witch ers' homeworld, but there are few opportunities to use it here. That is, until someone or something with preternatural powers appears...

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Main Distance Covering Moves
    The Cleaving Pirouette's (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::A::A:) high horizontal slash is a great way to close the distance to your opponent before they can react—particularly at the start of a fight. When using Alzur's Double-Cross (:6::(6)::B::B:), you take a long stride and deal two vertical strikes that knock your opponent down if they land, allowing you to move closer and put even more pressure on.​

    • Main Close Combat Moves
    At close range, stop your opponents in their tracks with a Berserker Crush (:6::A::B:). It's a fast, two-strike technique that leaves your opponent very little time to counter if they block. If you manage to stop your opponent, hit them with a middle or low attack to try to break through their guard. The Kingsweeper (:1::A::B:) is a counterattack combo that starts with a low attack. However, the second thrust can leave you open if blocked, so think carefully before you use it. The Skelliger Uppercut (:3::B:) will launch your opponents into the air, opening them up to an air combo.​

    • Signs
    You can use magic Signs, though these deplete your soul gauge. For example, use the Quen Sign (:6::A+B:) to prevent any damage from your opponent as you start to rush forward—particularly useful for long range strikes.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • Aard Sign
    This style affords you a number of Signs. The Aard Push (:8::A+B:) and Sweeping Aard Thrust (:1::A::A:) both produce a kinetic pulse that sends foes flying. Speedy attacks, they let you stop an enemy charging at you at close range relatively easily. The Vaulting Aard Hammer (:A+G::A+B:) is a damaging throw that's perfect against an opponent in a standing guard.​

    • Igni Sign
    The Igni Burn produces sparks that damage the opponent even if they are in a standing guard. Use :2::A+B: or Impaling Hilt ~ Igni Burn (:6::B::B:) to do just that.​

    • Yrden Sign
    The Yrden Glyph (:4::A+B:) produces a magic field that acts as an impact guard, allowing you to avoid your opponent's attack. If you're successful in casting it, you will cause your opponent to recoil, leaving them open to a Skelliger Uppercut (:3::B:) or other combo.​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Silver Sword: Soul Charge Counter
    There are two swords available in this fighting style, and the silver one is particularly effective against any opponent who has activated a soul charge. The Adrenaline Onslaught (:4::A:) is a long-range horizontal middle attack. You can use it to stun an opponent who has activated a soul charge. Use Backhand Eviscerate (:4::B:) to deal a lethal hit, opening your foe up to a more damaging combo than usual. Deadly Retribution (:1::(1): or :4::(4): or :7::(7)::A:) turns into an attack throw if it connects at close range, doing extreme damage against soul charged opponents.​
    Mastering these moves will help you turn the tables on boosted enemies and claim victory.​

    Critical Edges​

    Hunt of the White Wolf​

    • Properties
    A fast attack with a long reach that can be incorporated into an air combo for big damage.​

    • Tips
    Use after launching your opponent into the air with a Skelliger Uppercut (:3::B:) or similar move. It can also be used as a counterattack and is effective after evading an opponent's attack with the 8-way run.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Sign Chaining
    Drink the Tawny Owl potion to stop your soul gauge from depleting when you use a Sign. This way you will be able to use multiple Signs during a soul charge. (However, note that your soul charge timer will be significantly reduced.)​

    • Perform Crisp Combos
    The following are some signature witch er moves that you can wield in combat: Wolven Storm (during soul charge :A::A::A::A:), Blizzard Frenzy (during soul charge :3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::A::A::A:), and Tawny Owl Upsurge (during soul charge :3::A::A::A::A::A::A::A:...).​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Following Up with :A:
    A horizontal strike with your silver sword. If your enemy has activated a soul charge, you can unleash a damaging combo.​

    • Following Up with :B:
    A rising vertical strike with your steel sword. If it lands, you will transition into an attack throw and slash multiple times. This is the most damaging possible follow-up against an opponent who hasn't activated a soul charge.​

    • Following Up with :K:
    A kick that does little damage but can potentially ring out your opponent.​
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