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  • Fighting Styles​

    The unique double-bladed sword allows a fighter to overwhelm their opponent at mid range before closing in; it can then be split into two swords for excellent defensive and offensive strategies at close range.

    This combat style was thought up by the Aval Organization. It was designed for situations where a lone fighter is pitted against many, hence its use of fast spinning strikes and transitions into evasive movements to avoid vertical attacks.

    By focusing their mind, a fighter is able to unlock their hidden powers, giving them enhanced movement and offensive power. This helps Aval agents dispose of their targets quickly and efficiently.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Advantage at Mid Range
    This fighting style balances reach with versatility and has numerous moves ideal for mid-range strategies. Begin an offensive with either a Sir Lancelot's Fervor (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::A::A:) or Sir Gawain's Charge (:3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::B::B:). When initiated, both attacks can evade an opponent's vertical attack, giving you an instant advantage.​

    • Close Quarters Combat
    If your opponent is close, use quick and simple moves such as the Questing Fang (:6::A::A:) and the Darting Raven (:6::B::B:). If your opponent maintains a strong standing guard, go low with a Saint Mia (:1::A:); when they start to get wise and guard low, use the middle attack Steel Judgment (:3::B:) to launch them into the sky for a damaging air combo.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • Ace Up Your Offensive Sleeve: Avenger Stance
    This style gives you the unique opportunity to split your weapon in two and unleash attacks that can change the tide of battle.​
    If you are able to attack from long range, press :B+K: to move into the Avenger stance before unleashing an Endless Quest (during Avenger :A:). This is a low attack that hits from far away and is difficult for your opponent to spot coming. If they do manage to guard, press :(A): during the Avenger stance to reduce your attack's recovery time.​

    • Close Range Avenger
    You can transition into the Avenger stance from the following moves: Sir Tristan's Charity ~ Avenger (:4::A::6:), Questing Fang ~ Avenger (:6::A::6:), Darting Raven ~ Avenger (:6::B::B::6:), and Scarlet Sleeve ~ Avenger (:A+B::6:). Once in the Avenger stance, perform the low attack Endless Quest to break an opponent's standing guard. If your opponent guards low, punish them with Arondight's Roar (during Avenger :A+B:).​
    If your opponent tries to attack you in the Avenger stance, use the quick Nameless Blade (during Avenger :B::B:) to counter.​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Intercept Vertical Attacks
    This fighting style is replete with strong moves that can deal with vertical attacks. Generally speaking, vertical attacks do a lot of damage or are used to start combos. By learning the techniques this style offers to counter vertical strategies, you'll become a stronger fighter.​
    First, learn to dodge vertical attacks with the 8-way run and then launch a Sable Grief (:2::(2): or :8::(8)::B:). If this move lands during a powerful vertical attack, it will count as a lethal hit, opening them up for a damaging combo.​

    • Superior Vertical Attack Counters
    Sir Tristan's Charity (:4::A:) and Benevolence Step (:4::B:) begin with you moving to the side, making them ideal for avoiding vertical attacks.​
    Morgause's Mischief (:1::(1): or :4::(4): or :7::(7)::A:) has guard impact properties against vertical attacks; landing the guard impact results in a lethal hit.​
    Use the above moves to make your opponent hesitate about using vertical attacks, reducing their options and giving you the advantage.​

    Critical Edges​

    Chevalier Mal Fet​

    • Properties
    An easy-to-use critical edge that balances versatility and reach. It can be used in air combos and to punish your enemy when they miss an attack.​

    • Tips
    This move is mainly useful for increasing combo damage. More notably, the damage It deals increases greatly during a soul charge. Expect to take a large chunk out of your opponent's health if your soul gauge is full.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Unlock Special Techniques During a Soul Charge
    This style enables you to unlock your hidden power while a soul charge is active. Not only do critical edges become far more powerful, the mighty attacks Guilt Seeker (during soul charge :1::A::K:) and Calamitous Judgment (during soul charge :3::B::B:) gain additional guard smashing capabilities, making victory just one epic strike away.​

    • Additional Special Actions
    You also gain access to the following movements, which allow you to get close to your opponent from any distance: Steed of the Night (during Avenger :6:) and Cover of Darkness (during Avenger :4:). A powerful break attack is also added to the Avenger stance during a soul charge: Demon King Slayer (during soul charge, during Avenger :6::A:). If guarded against, you can stop your opponent's counter with a Nameless Blade (during Avenger :B::B:). Alternatively, you can attack and move simultaneously with Curse of Morgan ~ Steed of the Night (:1::B::B::6:) and other techniques, allowing for a relentless attack strategy.​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Following Up with :A:
    An attack that allows you to move again before your opponent if they guard. While not very damaging, it can lead into other attacks.​

    • Following Up with :B:
    An attack that makes up for its lack of power by giving you the opportunity to crush your opponent's guard. Press :B::6: to end in an Avenger stance, which can really turn the tide of battle in your favor.​

    • Following Up with :K:
    The most damaging of the follow-ups. When it hits, the move opens the opponent up to a combo. However, if it is guarded against, your opponent may be able to land a quick strike in retaliation.​
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