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  • Grøh
    Debut: Soulcalibur VI
    Voice (E):
    Voice (J):
    Birthplace: Kingdom of Denmark / Norway
    Birthday: November 18
    Blood: A
    Height: 181 cm
    Weight: 82 kg
    Family: Best friend: Curtis
    Master: Ozuru
    Fighting Style
    Type: Double Saber
    Weapon: Aerondight Replica
    Discipline: Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship
    Grøh - The Agent in Black

    Character Overview

    The mysterious Aval Organization was a secret group with origins rooted in ancient times. They say the group came to be when a king used the spirit sword to defeat its cursed counterpart, and with his dying breath, entrusted them with both the blade and his unfinished mission. Each new generation has taken on the group’s mission to rid the world of “Outsider” — those connected with the cursed sword. One such member was Grøh, about whom little is known save for that he was a fearsome warrior. Though his fighting style is shrouded in mystery, he is believed to have wielded two swords. Some also say he kept a certain technique close to his chest…

    Grøh utilizes the Aval Twinblade Swordsmanship that often employs multiple consecutive slashes. This has a major disadvantage in that a careless practitioner runs the risk of injuring themselves. As such, it takes a lot of practice to use this style effectively. Dual-swordsmanship also allows for the swords to be split in two and wielded separately. This tactic is one of the many ways a wielder can use to surprise their opponent, giving them the opportunity to string together a series of blows that lead to a final, deadly slash.

    Character Artwork

    Art: Soulcalibur VI

    groSC6art1.jpg groSC6art2.png
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