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  • Fighting Styles​

    Inferno is Soul Edge personified. Drawing on the fighting experience and memories of warriors from throughout history, he can utilize their strengths, strategies, and techniques to claim victory.

    Inferno's attacks have the destructive force of a landslide, and it takes only the blink of an eye for a battle against him to turn into a massacre. Even the most proficient of warriors cannot guard against his unrelenting fury. His body seems wreathed in the fires of hell, and he is oblivious to pain; half-hearted strikes will do nothing to stop him.

    Those who face Inferno have two choices: submit and die, or go down fighting. Either way, their souls will be devoured by the cursed sword, doomed to spend an eternity trapped in torment inside.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • A Style Shrouded in Mystery
    Inferno's manifestations in this world are exceedingly rare, so little is known about his fighting style. Many of his techniques are similar to Nightmare's, but he has special abilities like Vile Glare (:2::3::6:) and Void Star (:B+K:).​

    • Vile Glare
    During Vile Glare, you will automatically counterattack if you are hit by a high or middle attack. Opponents who prod at you carelessly will pay for their folly with their lives.​
    Mixing in the low attack Vile Sting (during Vile Glare :K:) and the middle attack Primordial Blood (during Vile Glare :B:) is Inferno's standard method of getting through a foe's defenses.​
    Techniques such as Hell Vortex ~ Vile Glare (:B::B::6:) can transition into Vile Glare, and these dangerous combos make it hard to keep Inferno at bay.​

    • Void Star (:B+K:)
    Void Star is a special aerial stance. Attacks from it are extremely powerful. Traitor's Blast (during Void Star :A:) is a slow attack, but cannot be blocked. An opponent has to counterattack to knock Inferno down, or run outside the range of the attack in time to avoid it.​
    However, Shadow Flare (during Void Star :B:) hits at all ranges and cannot be blocked, so caution is necessary.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    Many of Inferno's techniques remain an enigma.

    Style Lesson: Master​

    Many of Inferno's techniques remain an enigma.

    Critical Edges​

    Many of Inferno's techniques remain an enigma.

    Soul Charging​

    Many of Inferno's techniques remain an enigma.

    Reversal Edges​

    Many of Inferno's techniques remain an enigma.
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