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  • Fighting Styles​

    A Southeast Asian fighting style that uses two elbow blades to perform quick combinations.

    Originating from a sword dance dedicated to the spirits of the wind, this style's graceful jumps and whirls make dodging attacks a breeze.

    The cyclonic Wind Charmer can initiate a combo; the Wind Sault is perfect for surprising a foe like a sudden gust; the gale-force Wind Fury unleashes a powerful strike—all these moves and more allow the fighter to harmonize with the wind, earning its protection and power.

    Style Lesson: Beginner​

    • Rush Your Opponent
    A good opening attack is to charge in with a Rapid Espada ~ Wind Charmer (:A::A::B::A::2: or :8:) followed by a Kali Rush (during Wind Charmer :A::K::A:). The flurry of fast attacks ends with a low attack, making it effective at dealing damage to your opponent. Once you're used to that combination, try transitioning into a Turning Kali Strikes (during Wind Charmer :A::B:). The final hit is a middle attack, and if you mix it up with :A::K::A:, you can confuse your opponent.​

    • Unleash a Flurry of Attacks from a Distance
    :A: won't land if you're too far away, so use Mirror Fan Strikes (:6::A::A:) instead, because it has better reach. After the second hit, press :2: or :8: to perform a Wind Charmer. You can use the same offensive strategy with :A::A:. Alternatively, the long-range and versatile Air Blade Thrust (:6::B::B:) is both simple and easy to use. Holding the second command results in a break attack effective against reversal edges.​

    Style Lesson: Adept​

    • Use Charge Attacks and Special Movements to Get Close
    If you are too far for a Mirror Fan Strikes (:6::A:), surprise your opponent with a charge. The Flowing Gale Hook (:3::3: or :6::6: or :9::9::A:) is a horizontal attack with a long reach, and you can move into a Wind Charmer with it by pressing :2: or :8:. The Paayon Thrust (:3::3: or :6::6: or :9::9::B:) is a high attack that is difficult to counter and lets you quickly get in close. If your opponent starts to anticipate your attacks, press :6::B+K: to move into a Wind Sault, then try to get past their guard with the low attack Double Inwardi (during Wind Sault :A:) or the middle attack Double Bartikal (during Wind Sault :B:).​

    • Attack While Facing Away
    The moves Weather Vane Buster (:A::A::A:) and Razor Storm (:3::A:) leave you facing away from your opponent. However, you can still go on the offensive and pressure your opponent with moves like the the combo-starter Baraw Punch Turn (while facing away :B:); the Ice Wind Combo (while facing away :A::A::B:), which can be canceled to throw your opponent off guard; and the Olisi Turn (while facing away :A+B:), which will allow you to initiate your next move before your opponent.​

    Style Lesson: Master​

    • Prevent Your Opponent from Using High Attacks
    If you want to be able to move freely and get past your opponent's guard, you need to stop your opponent's high attacks first. Twin Baraw Lift (:1::A+B:) and Blade Cyclone ( :2::(2): or :8::(8)::A:) can get past high attacks quite easily, so use them frequently to make your opponent think twice about going high. When adjacent to your opponent, use a Tuhod Slicer (:2::A:) to end in a crouching position, and then follow up with a Rising Baraw (while crouching :3::B::B:). The second strike is delayed, which makes it useful for punishing an opponent's attempt to counter.​

    • Use Wind Fury for High Damage
    This fighting style utilizes a lot of quick attacks that do light damage, meaning it can be easy for your opponent to suddenly get the upper hand with a damaging move. If you want to deal a lot of damage yourself, use the special stance Wind Fury. The low attack Swooping Blade (during Wind Fury :A:) creates opportunities for a follow-up attack, and the middle attack Panay Hurricane (during Wind Fury :B::B:) deals a lot of damage. The Panay Hurricane works well against an opponent whose guard is on the verge of being crushed. If you successfully crush their guard with the first hit, the second will become a lethal hit. Not only can you deal a large amount of damage, you can also transition into follow-up attacks, turning the tide of battle in your favor.​

    Critical Edges​

    Dancing Tempest​

    • Properties
    A critical edge where you glide through the air. It has a long reach and can evade low attacks while dealing damage to your opponent. If it strikes an airborne foe, it will deal additional hits and damage. Lastly, when this move connects, it will transition into an attack throw and replenish your health.​

    • Tips
    Even if your opponent guards against this attack, they cannot counter it, so use it from medium range to harry your foe. It can also be used in conjunction with a Blue Sky (:2::3::6::B:) to juggle your opponent in the air. Aim for a Blue Sky when your soul gauge is full.​

    Soul Charging​

    • Wind Charmer Follow-up Attacks Become Stronger
    During a soul charge, you gain access to Tempest Assault (while soul charged during Wind Charmer :A::B::B:) and Arctic Winds (while soul charged during Wind Charmer :A::K::A::A:), moves that help you get past an opponent's guard when using a Wind Charmer. As soon as you activate a soul charge, get in close and initiate a flurry of attacks.​

    • Enhanced Charge Attacks
    During a soul charge, it becomes easier to get close to your opponent. Your main moves, such as the Changing Winds (during soul charge :3::(3): or :6::(6): or :9::(9)::B::B:) and Light Breeze (while soul charged during Wind Sault :B:), become break attacks, making it easier to maintain an offensive strategy. Use them to cut the distance between you and your opponent in an instant.​

    Reversal Edges​

    • Take Control of the Battle
    Once initiated, press :2:, :8:, :4:, or :6: to perform a special movement in the corresponding direction. If you're unable to handle your opponent's attacks, use this tactic to feint and then go on the offensive.​

    • Following up with :A:
    A horizontal strike that can transition into a special movement. If the strike hits, a follow-up combo can be unleashed during the movement. If you get a lethal hit, you can combo with :4: Panay Hurricane (during Wind Fury :B::B:).​

    • Following up with :B:
    A technique good for starting combos. Stop after the first hit to turn your back to your opponent, then hit them with :K:.​

    • Following up with :K:
    A kick that doesn't do much damage, but can ring out your opponent depending on your positioning.​
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