Hate Speech: On the Subject of Change
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Fact: Namco isn't afraid to perform radical surgery on Soul Calibur's core mechanics from one iteration of the game to the next.

This is perhaps most evident with additions like SC4's implementation of the soul gauge, but it's equally present in the ongoing metamorphosis of the guard impact system, the overall speed of the games, and the considerable retooling of characters such as Nightmare, Ivy, and Talim.
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Hate Speech: A Formal Introduction
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For those of you who don't know me, my name is BrianHatesYou, or just plain Hates, and I think it's time we all had a little chat....

This is the inaugural installment of what will be a regular column in which I'll be discussing issues pertinent to the community. What's fair game?
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Kayane's Hands-on Impressions of SC5
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Namco graciously invited Kayane to come to GamesCom to try out the build of Soul Calibur 5 that they brought with them, but was unable to share her impressions of the game until August 30th because of a media embargo that was in place. Now that the embargo is over, Kayane stayed up until 6AM her local time in France just to share with the community her impressions of the game.

Check Kayane's blog for the full details, and leave a comment with any questions that you may have for her.

NEC XI is coming!

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Northeast Championship (NEC XI) which is taking place here in my hometown of Philadelphia, PA on December 4th & 5th, will be here in a little over month and I cannot wait because Soul Calibur will be in the house.

Last year, only Soul Calibur 4 was ran. This year, we will have tournaments for all four versions of Soul Calibur. I wasn't around in the community when the other versions of Soul Calibur were being played, so it's going to be interesting to see how I do in those games. I also want to use this as an opportunity for people to get reacquainted with Soul Calibur and with the Soul Calibur community if they haven't played Calibur in a long time because so many people have played Calibur at one point or another. Or were maybe part of the community at one point or another and maybe moved on to other things. It's never too late to come back. We're still here...

Full Speed Aerial Kicks is here, are you ready?!!!!!!!!

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So it's finally here. The tournament everybody and their momma's momma have been waiting for. Full Speed Aerial Kicks this weekend in Massachusetts. One entire weekend of nothing but Soul Calibur featuring the best Calibur players in North America in one large scale round robin tournament.

I know this tournament is going to be ridiculous just from the fact that I will have to play everyone who enters in the main tournament. So if 60 people enter the ironman tournament, I will have to play 59 matches. Usually in tournaments, I'll play 2 matches and that would be the end of it. But the good thing is that I will have a better idea of my overall skill level since what usually happens at tournaments is that my first match is again someone who places either 1st or 2nd at that tournament.

The main thing that I am looking forward to is getting together with the community and having a great time. Every Calibur tournament that I have been to since 2008, I've always had fun. The people in this community are so welcoming and fun to be around. Plus I will get to meet again the friends that I made when I went to Devastation back in June. Hopefully, we won't get kicked out of this venue either, but do be sure to check me out at the venue on Friday for the meet and greet.

Competing comes secondary for me since I'm old and have to work and take care of family. Boring yes but responsibilities come first so that I can do stuff like travel across state to play video games. All I know is that somebody is catching a beatdown with Sophitia. Be ready. I may enter in the Soul Calibur 2 tournament. Since I use Sophitia, all I need to do is use the same 3 moves to win. The problem is that I am overly aggressive with Sophitia when I should be patient when using her. I'll know for sure once I find out how much money I will have available.

The other thing that I am looking forward to are the money matches that will be taking place. The main "pay-per-view" match that I will be checking out will be Mick Vs Something-Unique. Will Mick add S-U to the list of big names that he's defeated or will Something-Unique show him what SC4 is all about? We'll find out soon enough. All I know is that I am talking so much trash to the loser afterwards.

In addition to the greats from North America who will be in attendance, Malek will be flying in from France to compete in this tournament and take our money. Also, he should be bringing with him a special guest as well. So it's going to be really interesting to see who comes out on top when its all said and done. And if you are unable to make it to the tournament, Jaxel will be streaming the entire event which you should be able to get to using the link below.

Get hype!!!!!!!!!! http://www.8wayrun.com/live (or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/8wayrun)
2 weeks until FSAK, awww snap!
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So it seems like not that many people want to take advantage of the blogging functionality on 8WayRun. I do hope more members take advantage of it. It’s a good opportunity to let people know more about yourself and what’s on your mind. I started using the function on SRK, but now that section is filled with spam and nonsense. Now with 8WayRun upgraded to v4.0.6, it’s offering a fresh start for me where I can get rid of some boredom and people can read what I write.

Today, I wanted to write about what had me hyped this morning. When I looked at the calendar this morning and realized that Full Speed Aerial Kicks was just two weeks away, I was like daaaaammmmmnnnnn,