Will We See Soulcalibur VI at E3 This Year?

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Another year, another E3. Another year where we wait for an announcement at E3. While previous years we've been grasping at straws, I think this year we could actually get some sort of hints of a new release. Allow me to explain why I think you guys should get your hopes up and why I think Namco has yet to abandon the series...

Firstly, depending on which game (Soul Edge or Soulcalibur), and which release you are talking about (arcade or console), we're right in the middle of what could be considered the 20th anniversary for the series. This can be seen with the the activity on the Official Soulcalibur Facebook all last year celebrating the 20th anniversary. If Namco had indeed abandoned the series, why spend the effort to conduct polls and keep readership alive on Facebook; a platform which companies primarily use for marketing.

But you may be asking: why have we been waiting 5 years? Traditionally, we get a new numbered...
Footsies for dummies by Belial
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Belial has recently written an excellent guide on the basics of footsies. Thankfully, he informed me about his article and I have posted it on the front page for him. Please give him all the credit for sharing his information and experience.
"Footsies for dummies"; article after the break.

The Inevitability of Trolling

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Picture this scenario, someone recently purchased Soul Calibur 5. He went all the way through story mode and spent a few minutes in practice mode. He's starting to feel fairly good about his skills and decides to try his luck at ranked mode. His first match is against someone called "Coolguy97" who happens to have a score of 97 wins and 3 losses. "Man this guy must be good" he thinks to himself.

When the match starts he notices that Coolguys Mitsurugi custom is nothing but a naked dude with a cat head. As the match progresses the newcomer is trying his best but repeatedly gets hit by this move where misturgi lunges backwards really far then comes in with a stab. After every round Coolguy decides to hold guard and move up and down on the newcomers dead body.

Getting Up

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In the course of fighting, eventually your defenses will falter, and you will find yourself lying on the ground. This is a precarious position- you have no invincibility on the ground, you have no wakeup kicks, no reversal. Nothing is stopping your opponent from running over and stomping mudholes into you for the rest of the match.

Hence, it goes without saying that being able to return to standing position safely is one of the most important defensive skills you must know. There are a variety of ways to do so; all of them must be known to increase the chances of success. Avoid your opponent’s attacks, and prevent yourself from becoming roadkill.
Rise and shine.
Basic String Defense
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Strings, or preset series of attacks, can be effective initially. Often, when blocking a string, you don’t know when the string will end, and take action at the wrong time. Some strings are also completely safe on block, which can lead to their abuse. With study, however, these strings become a liability, or a mixup of “will I or won’t I” at best. Opponents who do not realize this and use entire strings every time should be punished to the fullest extent.
Video after the break.
Guard Impact in Soul Calibur V
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Guard Impact is a classic gameplay feature in the Soul series, going all the way back to the first Soul Edge. When GI was changed in Soul Calibur V, a lot of players dismissed it, citing the changed command and meter cost. This is a shame, as GI can be a powerful technique; arguably, more powerful than its previous iterations.
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Guide: Traveling to an Event
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So you have found 8WAYRUN.com, and you are starting to like the people, conversations, and atmosphere of the place. You’ve maybe heard of tournament players or have already considered the idea of entering a tournament, but the idea of traveling anywhere farther than a few hours can be a scary prospect.

In this article we’ll demystify traveling and reveal some options what will make getting to the big leagues a lot easier.
Learn to travel.

On Winning

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Losing is one of the most difficult things to deal with. A loss implies that you are wrong- your methods are wrong, your thinking is wrong. It suggests that- if I am wrong about this, what else am I wrong about? It can be a crippling, destabilizing event that damages your ego into disrepair.

But what about when you’re ready to change? What happens when you accept your loss for what it is, and you’re ready to begin to fight earnestly? You must throw away guilt and honor and social regard for others. As it turns out, the path to glory is only fit for the ruthless.
Achieve victory.

Risk: Win Big, Lose Hard

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When you sit down to play, you are putting yourself in a situation where you must make decisions. These decisions determine your success or failure, and only the correct ones will lead to victory. What exactly those decisions are- no one knows. But for every one that is made there is a price to pay. Behind every move is a question- will you stay the course, or will you gamble with fate? Your life is a heavy bet to place- but the power that is promised surpasses all that you know.
Time to roll the dice.

Gimmicks: My Bag of Tricks

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When you know your opponent is stronger than you- maybe he is more skilled, or naturally talented. Perhaps he has more experience- maybe much more than you do… There doesn’t seem like there’s too much hope for your success. But- there is a chance for you.

Your opponent is human. They have their own life outside of the game, and they may not obsess over it- they may not know all of its secrets. You can capitalize on this! You must take every advantage you can… and that includes exploiting your opponent’s ignorance!
Cheese it out!.