And this, is why Algol is banned.
Its isnt too hard once you know the timing on the first hit, the only hard part is remembering what move to do next and not slipping on the 8A+K
i don't see how to do this combo. i do it just like the video has it, but i can't pull it off
I had the bitter pleasure of this combo being used on me since I use Siegfried. I had time to go to the bathroom and come back. Cool looking but it wont make anyone happy. ^_^
It's nothing short of a miracle that Siegfried adn NM kept their lunches inside of them during the course of this vid... seriously, I felt like they were going to puke at any minute XD.

<3 good shit!
LOL it is fun allright but i understand why algol gets banned in most tournaments and no one wants to play vs him online either ....
Character specific... doesn't sound as good when you are getting hit by that. Seriously, how can you patch the bubbles without destroying the fun of Algol?

Thank God these are character-specific.
I always root for guy but know that I've seen that??

You cant air control these combos.
And so it has been done.


Feb 7, 2009 at 8:21 AM
Posted by Ooofmatic
1.03 - These combos are vs. Siegfried and Nightmare only, except for the first one.
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