Fighting Spammers - Sidestep or GI?

I think its weird you fought the rare 5-bar spammer XD Never see them with more than 3, a shakey 4 at best. At least for me. And its cool Bifordus I like your play style.
grd brking is cool but don't miss aspecially with asta
Why would you not punish? Punishing means taking free damage.
I am so glad I never play online... seriously, 4A+B with Cervantes... that move needs to be removed from his moveset... it's SO predictable :/
I made this video when I barely knew how to play. Im not really a punishing type person. My play style is completely different from everyone else. Im not known for punishing.


Mar 29, 2009 at 9:18 PM
Posted by BifordusMaximus
Fighting Spammers: These matches are usually boring and extremly irritating although sometimes amusing. The best way to fight a spammer is to take a step back and watch. You can usually sidestep all their moves and watch them hack away at the buttons. Not to be confused with button mashers, spammers do certain moves all the time because they know most people will fall into the trap. Even I fall victim to it. I could not tell if this person was fighting seriously or if they was venting some fustration. This video is old and hardly entertaining but its good to know what to watch out for. Most people will see this video as 10 minutes stolen from their life.
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