Gamescom 2011 - Soul Calibur V producer interview

was I the only person to be to busy watching pyrrah to be listening to them regardless of language xD
Get out the way!!! Even tho I'm not a voldo fan he seems good in this game,looks great as well....I hope tira gameplay gets released soon :)
WCMaxi posted a translation on the forum.
I'm impressed how that Polish dude can speak Japanese so well; however, I need an English translation.
Maxi's theme? Voldo's theme? Mitsurugi's theme?!?! I wonder..
Damn, some of those rounds barely lasted 20 seconds. Lol.
It's Pyrrha. She has a good mix of Cassandra and Sophitia's moves.
Damn, visually this looks delicious, def. a step up from SCIV. It baffles me when people on sites such as gametrailers are claiming that this looks identical to it's predecessor.
A polish guy who can speak japanese! Unusual. Maybe I could ask him to provide the translation?
WOW! Those stages...just WOW!
The way they showed the characters who were going to fight looks damn sexy.
This game deffinately looks well balance. Great video. Im not a fan of Voldo but that was one bad ass CE.
Im glad to see quick step agian and Im also glad to see 8wayrun back up to speed
At 2:55...Looks like a JF 236B...interesting.
WCMaxi is going to do a translation once he gets the chance.
Damn,I love Voldo's CE


Aug 21, 2011 at 4:37 PM
Posted by Malice
Gamescom 2011 - Soul Calibur V producer interview
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