yo Zanaken whenever ur free hit me up and ill show you my weak reactions in person :). Its funny you say that you can beat Ramon, Ill give you a pro tip. Watching a person play and actually playing the person is vastly different.
I love Zanaken. This would all be boreville without his prose.
They need to make a "like" for comments in vids. Cause IRM just made me LOL

All I was getting at was, first off SC isnt all that entertaining to watch if you dont know whats going on and the mindgames at work.

at that level of play, its like any other fighter, poke, poke, poke, WHIFF PUNISH! I see Ramon JG, does a 236 B, IRM steps it. Even if no damage was exchanged in that whole thing, THOSE little things are what is entertaining to me. Not these 95 move long strings that I could teched out of come the 3rd move.

Some people have a misconception that there needs to be this massive damage out put (like marvel) to be entertaining. Thats simply not the case.

Then homedude goes off on some weird "I can beat Ramon thats no miracle" to "I cant beat Gods, are you crazy?" type shit. I cant keep up with that kind of logic
Would "higher" level play be more accommodating to your taste, IAB? I think HRD was just pointing out that one can appreciate the experience one displays when he/she knows how to make an opponent whiff. It might seem like small fries to several here, but take it from someone who began playing this game at SCV, it takes lots of time and work to recognize that stuff during play.
Um, no. Tech crouch moves and side step punishes aren't "high level." Lol, they're pretty basic. And all I see is people throwing out "high level play" as a buzzword.
I see it as more capitalizing on errors like HRD said way back in the prologue of your discussion/novel. No one is going to pull out strings that can be easily teched at high rank. So it boils down to punishing unsafe pokes or at the very least whiffs. I myself am not at that level yet. So much work.
Ok, you clearly have trouble understanding me. I can accept that.

Thanks for all the tips for stuff I can mindlessly say if anyone has anything negative to say in any of my own videos.

I'm out. (I mean it when I say it, you should have "I'm not arguing anymore" as a signature.)
i seriously dont know what youre trying to get at. First you say you will beat Ramon and IRM without problem "thats no miracle", now you say you cant "beat gods..."

Im confused dude. I wish you luck in your SC endeavors.
Seriously, dude? You sound like you're asking me to try and beat god. These are two higher-end players, just that.

So to add to your "You must suck," "Winning is all that matters," you throw in a "Your opinion means shit, despite backing points, till you do A, B, and C to PROVE YOUR WORTH!!!"
I eagerly await the video results. Good luck with that
"Would love to see you do better against Ramon or hell even IRM." I can beat both, that's not some miracle. Bring me someone who I can't score a win on and I'll be amazed. I don't get your point.

I only touch Pyrrha for Elysium, and my inputs are a heck of a lot cleaner and more consistent than Ramon. (Just talking inputs, JUST inputs, just in this video. I have no frame of reference.)

If these are the best that you can throw at me in a "Beat these to prove something" point, then your point missed.
Sounds like you heard me better, so thanks.

Look, I could be wrong as fuck here. The Maxi clearly outclassed the Pyrrha, so what I saw could have just been some weird counter play attempt. I just think near on all of the entertainment value of the video came in burst, short and few.
Would love to see you do better against Ramon or hell even IRM.
The discussion isn't about who won, and who deserved to. I was discussing the poor use of meta-game, reading, and entertainment.

A tournament would be a perfect place for the safest win you can get. A video put up for entertainment is not. You seem to take all I said very coldly, so I assume you play like this yourself. There's no right or wrong, there's fun and not fun though.

If there really was sick reading and such going on here, I wouldn't see such weak reactions to free opportunities. (That was proof to back up my point, again I am not going to throw buzz phrases such as "You have a lot to learn," or "Winner is just, end of."
But last time I checked, there was no rule about "how" to win at soul calibur. Object of the game.....just win. No more discussion from me here, thanks
ummmmm ok. whatever you wanna think homes. This isnt the place for this. Im done anyway. Im not into debating anymore