Pass = pass. Sick = suck. Fuck my phone...
Dude, that's a pass poor way of handling a conflicting opinion to yourself. Keep in mind you can logically make zero assumptions about the effectiveness of my play. I, however, have the popular masses to base a solid assumption of popular play styles.

I won't assume you sick, or have a lot to learn. Thanks for returning the favor...
Then you have a lot to learn my friend. I rest my case
I don't mind that. It's just that I think I play pretty high level now, and I didn't see TCing a high. I saw 'I did a TC as you did a high.'People throwing shit out and reaping the odd combo. There's no reading or skill in how many 1Ks you can throw out.

I think pokes are to open your opponent, not a quick shut down move to actually win entirely off of.
When you get into higher level playing, you will be reduced down to "poke, poke, oh shit he guessed wrong....Insert big combo here, rinse repeat." and thats pretty much what you saw.

Its the little things that excite me more bout matches than "huge combo, sparkly lights and flashes." The tech crouches, the side step punishes, things like that. Those take more skill than busting out some combo thats gonna get blocked and thus you are eating a shit ton of damage.

Higher level fight games have always been like that. Its called "gauging your opponent, waiting for a mis-read, move in for the kill"
Do people literally just poke these days? When did "Fighting Game" become "Fight as little as possible, and take as few reads as you can... Game"

IRM added enough flavor to keep me watching the set, but Jeebus... That's mainly just how Maxi pans out as a character.
Hahahaha someone is butt hurt.
ill play with Ramon because its not a waste of my time :)