Online Tournament Xbox #13 Finale : Gold Shad vs Maxou


Voldo's top tier haha. Just under the bullshit of top6-7s character.

Asta lacks correct BS 2A+B punishment, Voldo's got sick frames traps in this MU, he punishes every unsafe stuff Asta does (6K, 3A+B), Voldo spits on BR BE and his JG punishment is top notch .
It's 5-5 at the very very best, IMO 6-4 in Voldo's favor.
Voldo VS Asta is 6:4?... Mmmhh, I am not sure about this. xD
PS : Voldo vs Astaroth is probably 6-4 in Voldo's favor ^^
JAGTHEGEMINI : Voldo is my main now, I stopped playing Alpha a while ago. Alpha's boring (and waaaaay too strong).

I didn't play that well but that fight was pretty fun, I remember I laughed a lot on the random stuff that was happening.

Rawpickless : Alpha vs Voldo is fine (probably only a 6-4 in aPat favor, although, sometimes it feels like a 7-3 when you take a wall combo or other stuff hahaha). Voldo's got several stuff that is amazing against aPat, especially BSSJG which create a hard mind game for aPat in all his offensive choices.
The most annoying stuff is aPat can CE punish 66B and 666B. It's so fucking stupid it hurts.
Indeed. Voldo has such a tough time with Alpha too. Probably as bad a matchup for him as Asta is. Alpha "earns" that top tier rating against Voldo. Feel like you have to guess right sooo many times against a good Alpha with him...
Maxou still plays Voldo...? Should have used "OP" Alpha I guess... Nice fight


Feb 3, 2015 at 12:00 PM
Posted by GolD ShaD
Grande Finale tournoi online.
GolD ShaD(Alpha)vs Maxou(Voldo)
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