Soulcalibur V Demo Z.W.E.I Movelist

Still awaiting your upload of Patroklos's movelist!
Good stuff. Now I really cant wait to use him!!!!
AH, didn't realise there was a kick BE, didn't say it on the movelist and i never guess to try out more BE's.

I'll be uploading Patroklos and Pyrrha next
Cool Vid. Are those all the moves or the ones you guys found? Also any chance of more vids for other characters?
Good job, but you're missing two BEs, and a kick attack into a upward vertical slash. Still, that is nearly everything we've seen so far.
good job SC melbourne
I like 7/8/9 A+B, looks flashy for a jump attack
Watch in 480p and not 720p :)


Oct 2, 2011 at 10:17 AM
Posted by Eclair
First chance to play Soulcalibur V at Battle Arena Melbourne and I chose to get down as many moves from the new characters as possible.

This is Z.W.E.I and i believe i got around 80-90% of his moves.

Excuse the quality and production of this movie, not my best work but it got the job done.
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