[Triade]Saitoh (AST) vs [SCT]Dina (SOP) - GRIII France

I kinda consider Saitoh a SC-great but i cant fkn belive this Sophie player actually got even one round on him! jesus christ by the looks of things i think even Id beat this Sophie player more than id get beaten and im at least 3 teirs below Saitoh!
The Sophie player was absolutely horrible!

You can punish Asta's 6k knee with 236B,4

She had no use of doublestab, which is very very good vs Asta, along with no sidewalking+9 kick launcher that's also one of her best moves.

Just a very basic, and horrible sophie, with sub-par defense.

Feed Me.
This is a horrible match up.
The JF's were pretty and all, but jesus christ.


Dec 4, 2008 at 5:05 AM
Posted by Hayate
Quater Final - Gnouz Ranking Battle III Season II - Paris, France - 23/11/08
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