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    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    launch b:K 66B, not at all optimal as far as damage goes (you lose about 10-15 damage) but when 66B hits an airborne opponent it creates an untechable KND. The opponent is forced to block 1B/66B/3B and is in range for a B+KK. edit: I think max damage off 1BB TS3 midscreen is 6B+KA KK, it does 69...
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    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    Just some stuff I found last night: also, 46BB TS2 wall spalt is +13 and typically leaves us just out of range for 6K, so this won't be our mid option during the wall vortex (although, if the no wall splat glitch thing happens 46BB TS2 near the wall leads to big damage)
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    GR0H Ukemi Trap

    To be fair, it didn't say counter hit when the ID B hit. Moreover, I'm pretty sure ID B doesn't cause a stun like that even on CH (only when the opponent is already in a stun state), this might be a glitch.
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    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    a few updates: -4B+K CH BT K BT B+K -6AB CH 6K 46:BB TS1 66B -BT 2K 8B+K -BT 2K 46:BB TS1 66B -RE K 6K 46:BB TS2 small dash 6BB (66A+B maybe guaranteed here) -LH A+B 66B b:K 46B 6BB/8B+K (the 46B splats them with there head facing you, giving a more advantageous KND) -BT BB 46B 6BB/8B+K (same...
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    Tira Network Test move discussion

    figured I might as well post this here
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    Tira Network Test move discussion

    this looks like it has potential
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    Cervantes Leaked Footage Move Analysis not sure if his regular B throw (forward throw in this game) or his reported 236 A+G command grab, for some inexplicable reason the second part is UB though. good old-fashion forward ring out...
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    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    Damn, if his BT BB is a natural combo then he has a low/mid mixup both of which can be hit confirmed (unlike 1BB/46BB?) into a time stop combo for heavy damage. Now we just have to find combo's that end with Zas BT without sacraficing too much damage, maybe he can get a 8B+K after a b:K if the...
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    Zasalamel Combo Listings

    Has anyone tested what's guaranteed after a BT 2K? I'm pretty confident 46:B would work (if so, BT 2K into 46:BB time stop combos will likely be pretty damaging), but maybe 66B/6BB/66A+B too?
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    Pre Release SC6 Kilik Gameplay Discussion

    jesus, what causes 4A to lethal hit here? catching step?
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    Pre Release SC6 Zasalamel Gameplay Discussion

    Maybe look into the K option off his grab, I'm curious how plus it leaves him, how much pushback it has, and if it can wall splat. I'm also eager to see if he has more options after a 46:B ground splat since doing another 46:B seems to grant little to no oki opportunities and 66B looks like it...
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    SCVI Nightmare's Move Analysis

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    SCVI Ivy's Move Analysis

    Just eyeballing it, but I'd be pretty surprised if that can't be escaped with a side tech.
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    Zasalamel Video Thread

    Great matches, thanks for posting. Awesome use of B+K B (if that's the input for GB pimp hand), I had a feeling it would be a good tool. The second link isn't showing up btw (at least not for me).
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    Game breaking : Ivy nearly duplicate animation 2B+K and 2A+G but require different guard.

    I'm not sure the fact that she has a long range un-reactable low is the problem, it's that it catches step, can RO, can wall splat, does more damage than any other low in the game (barring zas's 1BB with curses), and it's safe.