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  • Oh jeez, Billy. Been a while. I'm Destinizish/TheWorldAsunder/Shenaniganizish/SugarRainbowLove/ManlyMcManLove..... etc.

    Howve you been?
    OH HAI! Mr. Patches !

    looks like i got the solution for that annoying X of yours now ^_^
    Lol I love history so my history class was great plus my teacher was a bum that always gave us food. I never took statistics but Bio is pretty easy if you just study up on your cells processes and animal groupings. Econ isn't to bad just remember how to graph everything or explain it. I got a 5 in histroy and a 4 in the other 2. So long as you cram you should do well =D
    Lol AP classes never really bothered me. Except Physics and Calc, but that was because I didn't do my homework or pay attention lol. All the AP social studies classes were easy to me. Have you taken your AP tests yet?
    Lol I had to move so now I can only mooch off the shitty wifi in the area so I'm not online anymore. Goodluck in your AP classes I took AP classes in high school too.
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