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  • Yeah .. I was passing out, hahaha.

    I had to pick up a few people from work etc.. was going to pass out. I heard you did pretty well later in the gathering, your sophitia's a beast now!
    thx! where ya from? and if you want any advice about your game just let me know!
    *sadface* I want to come back! I miss my norcal gaming! ... (I'm totally going to be broke when I come back though, XD Spending money on the SF4 TE Stick, AND maybe the CE of SC4 for ps3)
    Yeah would have been nice to play your Voldo more, always had so many problems with him.. he's just so confusing lol Oh and thanks! Your Voldo is crazy too! though my defense is really bad lol something i should work on..

    i can't come this tuesday to genver's :l school day and all...and finals next week blah.. so I'm going to be hitting the books. and i don't think i would be able to make it to the more major gatherings and tournaments since they usually end so late (far too)...and parents and all, well you get the point lol
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