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  • Have missed seeing you around. Hope you are well. Saw you developed a new logo for the site and thought I'd come by to give ya a tip of the hat for it. Hope your life's going well, take care then.
    HEY! how have you been? still workin and twirking the art? Have you entered the industry yet? just wanting to catch up a bit! How's life?
    hi ex i was wondering if u know how to do kilik's grab, oh i'm sorry let me introduce myself my name is starmecca.and i see ur artwork its nice,are u on psn or xbl i do need more girl friends on psn
    Hey Ex, is it okay if I send you more graphic stuff? I've improved not much,but improved nonetheless and want some critique on it :)
    Awesome, I'll PM you what I've made so far :D
    But they still kind'ove suck,considering I only started about 2-3 weeks ago :P
    Is it okay if I show you some of the stuff I've made? I just need to get an opinion of what I should fix;Y'know ,so my stuff won't look like crap,lol.
    Stopping by to say keep up with the Kilik usage, oh and an av request if you have time. ID
    Yo, this is DancingFighterg. Hey ExMachina, just wondering what is your position on the skinning that the NVGA will need for our site. Is this something that you would be interested in?
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