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  • like in S.C! I could totally get to a gathering sometime and face you if you want. You use Cassie right? Friggin white chicks.
    Hey man,

    I know you're in SoCal, but I've never heard of you attending any of the gatherings.. do you still play SC4 seriously?
    I hear ya on that. I still dont get how Namco has no idea what its US branch is doing. When they killed they just didn't know there was a thriving community there? They had no idea that caliburforum and 8wayrun sprung up to take its place? Shame they dropped the ball there.

    But yeah, I registered here when I found out about it, but I just don't post in the hardcore threads much anymore. I think that's mostly because Im just not as into it as competitively as I once was. Anyway it does seem that caliburforum is dying out.
    avvy size is limited to right where you have it i believe, but by becoming a premium member you can make it wider, as well as use an animation. as for sigs, i don't believe pics are allowed still, as people tend to get out of hand with them. by going premium you get a bigger, animated avvy, a custom title, the ability to create groups and photo albums, and access to the premium lounge which contains various crap including nsfw material. sorry i don't know the number specs on limitations. you'll have to ask jax or someone a bit more savvy than myself. oh and the truck? lol scottsdale PD now owns that shit. i got a new one. i'm teaching entry level classes at the culinary school there now, working on my executive certification. things are going pretty well, thanks for asking. you going to the socal regionals next weekend? if so i'll see ya there.
    Hey man, nice to see your face (or at least your screen name) again. Thanks for being nice to me on those threads. I think I'll shut up over there now, at least on that subject. I'm starting to sound a little too bitter for my tastes.
    Haha dammit, I guess I should think a little more before saying things.
    I don´t wanna be remembered as that boob-guy :D
    Hey GJ, nice to see you on 8WR. I doubt you´re gonna remember my name, as I never really participated that much over at CF. Back then I always thought your posts were quality material though :)

    Anyways, have a nice day sir!
    Dreamkiller, I'm good. Good to see you too amigo, nice to see I was remembered fondly. Thanks. Lol, some people have been like I came back from the dead, which is sort of ironic :D. I gotta catch up on my taki strats, see what's what now you know? Cf's a ghost town and I missed you guys. Was really time to put forth an effort here you know?
    "GL"? You gotta forgive me man, I'm so not hip. But yeah, took me a while to get off my ass, eat some crow. It's lookin like a pretty great site, like it more the more I look around. :D Gotta post up my pic, find an avatar. Lose some weight, learn another language. I'll do the first two first though, they sound easier. And holy crap, what happened to Rigel? He turned into David Bowie all of a sudden. Or Rosario Dawson.
    Karn, Nothing much man, besides watching that avvy like I'm hypnotized. :D Getting my bearings, the moss grows on the north side of the internet right? Trying to find my old buds and meet some of the new people you know.

    Lobo, lol yeah. Wish I could say I brought booze to make up for it. Thanks for the welcome man. It's good to see ya again. Will do on the flashchat and it's good to be back on board. Last I heard from you there were a lotta problems with the truck and all that. I hope everything's worked out for you by now bro. I'll hit you up on live in a couple days, atm I'm going on three hours sleep for two days and you know, I'm thinking in slow motion. But if I can ask you something technical here, what are the limitations on avies and sigs?
    lol word. hells yeah you are. well welcome to 8wr. we've done alot to make it a pretty outstanding site. i'm sure you'll find yourself right at home here, and come across many old acquaintances. make your way to flashchat's by far the most entertaining thing to do around here. glad to have you back on board.

    hit me up on xbl or psn....eyecon666 and DOGOBGYN respectively.
    Dude omg. lol.
    I was thinkin about you and the GL people from Caliburforum the other day.
    Cause its kinda dead over there, I figured you would've came here alot sooner.
    But how are ya?
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