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  • haha dude, tickets were HELLA cheap a while back. Are you still comin to Evo? Let me know, tho! PEACE!
    Ah hah, well as long as you had fun with your friends. :X

    Oh, really? Awww, whoever you heard that from must've being nice. Heh heh. Well, let's make sure to meet up sometime again before EVO and Nats. :D
    Hi, we'll be at Nats, but it seems we can't participate to the the Nats but to the NVGA.:)
    oh ouch, well i'm normally on Mon, Wed, Fri from anywhere between 6 PM to 4 am lol.

    Tue and THursday is game night so no earlier than Midnight there. weekends are random.
    all Central time lol
    Nah, if you wanna know the truth I'm unemployed and I can't really afford to be driving around you know? I need a job to be honest, before I can indulge in traveling.
    I'm planning a trip to London, France soon. Do you want to come? I bet it's an interesting place, but I don't know how we'll get there.
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