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    General Strategy

    IMO: iWS K & 6K are the best options for close mids. Both are unsafe but have great wakes if they hit and are also difficult to step. They also work well as twitch moves because they don't have complex execution. iWS B is very good, even for this game...but is absolutely godly in BD.
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    SCV Seong Mi-na wishes

    IMO, it's pretty simple. Make her mostly like BD Mina. That is a solid Mina.
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    Mina vids?

    Khent: Yeah, I've played Woahhzz a few times online, and I can tell that he's a very clever player (despite it the fact that it was online). But don't be too quick to sell yourself short. You made some solid guesses that could've made more of a difference if you had a bit more damage to back...
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    Mina vids?

    Khent: First off I'd like to say I thought you played quite well in those matches. I pump up your Mina to the fullest, and though I rarely post I feel that you've given quite a bit to the Mina community so I'd like to share some of my observations. Take the advice you think may work, discard...
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    Good Games Thread

    I rarely post but ggs to Provesa, ZeroRose-X and NBNBNBN. Trash games to corrondo25 while on that subject. Stopped the Cervantes garbage train with Cassandra, a character I have literally never played even once by using 1a, 236b/3b, and fc 1b and that's it. Eye for an eye.
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    Mi-na Matchup Discussion

    Khent: Post 3A+B, a 6K will not hit a teching opponent. However, it does seem a bit safer (at least mentally, lol) than if they tech pogo even though you sacrifice a little damage. Under pressure people seem to respond a bit late on the whiffed 6K on tech as opposed to when Mina is doing...
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    Mi-na Matchup Discussion

    this. Bad things about 6K: Fairly to pretty unsafe depending on matchup. Good things about 6K: Vert GIs (pretty minor IMO) Simple execution. Fast enough to punish whiffs on step/walk. Mid. Launches on normal hit (no tip dependency, no worrying about it being crouched under...
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    Mi-na Matchup Discussion

    A few important notes about dealing with Yun: Figured I'd post it here since I saw some discussion on him in the matchup chart section--not sure if this changes her position in this match (I lean more 5/5, but that's just me) but I'd like to share insight into dealing with his CR and 44B if I...
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    Mina ROs?

    In my humble opinion, blatant 3bK is a nice RO. Less punishable(?) and quicker, complements as another option to 8 A+B and B throw. Even better when you follow a hit K or 2A up with it near the edge as only a few really quick timed pokes will beat it out. Heck, even works when you step and...
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    Free moves after blocked 44B (at range)

    Just a quickie I noticed that I'd like to share; if it's common knowledge I apologize in advance. I'm new to these particular boards so this may be old, but it may help add another option to anyone who finds some use for 44B. Anyway, at range (tip or maybe a bit closer), blocked 44B causes a...