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    Official 8WAYRUN Merchandise Now Available!

    Should ship to anywhere in the Schengen area.
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    Official 8WAYRUN Merchandise Now Available!

    Interested in showing your support for 8WAYRUN? Well we now have a whole bunch of branded merch available! In addition to hats, like we've had in the past, we also have bags, backpacks, shirts and hoodies! Everything we are selling are now available from our store on Etsy. Check out our...
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    The Break Weekly - Every Tuesday

    The Break is coming back with Soulcalibur VI! LOCATION: 8 on the Break 340 North Avenue Dunellen, NJ 08812 We are literally right in front of the Dunellen Train Station. Train schedule: TIME: 7:00 PM - Soulcalibur VI ($10 entry) 7:00 PM - Super...
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    Raphael Sorel Revealed in New Character Trailer!

    Just a few minutes ago, Namco Bandai officially unveiled Raphael on Twitter and YouTube. Raphael was the other character accidentally revealed at the Melbourne eSports Open last month; along with Cervantes. Tokyo Game Show has not officially started yet, so more announcements could be coming...
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    SOULCALIBUR VI - Raphael Character Reveal | PS4, XB1, PC

    "Let's dance!" Raphael the master of fencing returns in SOULCALIBUR VI! He brings his his agile swordsmanship back to the Stage of History! Are you ready to step back on the stage of history? Reserve your copy of SOULCALIBUR VI today: Follow Bandai Namco...
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    Cervantes FINALLY Officially Revealed by Namco Bandai

    Even with leak after leak after leak; Namco was still refusing to reveal Cervantes. Well today, they finally revealed him after playing coy for weeks. For some reason, they are still delaying on revealing Raphael; but chances are, we will see him sometime during this month's Tokyo Game Show. 9391
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    SOULCALIBUR VI - Cervantes Reveal Trailer | PS4, X1, PC

    "Taste my power!" Cervantes, the Shell of a Proud Man, returns in SOULCALIBUR VI! Watch this BRAND NEW trailer to see his expert command of his weapons, Acheron & Nirvana. Are you ready to step back on to the stage of history? Pre-order SOULCALIBUR VI today: Follow...
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    What's wrong with the input smilies?

    Hold CTRL and hit F5.
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    Talim in SCVI: What We Know So Far...

    Does anyone want to help add all her moves to the Wiki?
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    Can Talim back-throw Nightmare?

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    CONFIRMED: Raphael and Cervantes playable at Melbourne eSports Open

    A series of pictures have been going around on Facebook for the past hour, claiming to have been taken at the Melbourne eSports Open today. These two pictures were posted by @Borgieman on the SOULCALIBUR Competitive Players Facebook group. Namco Bandai has not confirmed either of these two...
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    Can Talim back-throw Nightmare?

    In previous Soulcalibur games, Talim could be right on top of Nightmare... and if Nightmare was blocking, she could not throw him. She had to be actively holding forward, or Nightmare needed to not be blocking in order for Talim to throw him. In SC6, there is now a "back-throw" mechanic; which...
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    Azwel, Leader of Humanity, Formally Announced!

    Official screenshots and artwork added to article.
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    Azwel, Leader of Humanity, Formally Announced!

    BTW... this announcement of Azwel sort of confirms this previous leak: Remaining unannounced characters: Cervantes and Raphael.