It's totally not Hwang... but it's totally Hwang.

Jason Axelrod

Jason Axelrod

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The newest and final season 2 DLC character has just been announced at this weekend's SOULCALIBUR European Open Online tournament. The new character, named "Unknown Soul", is labelled as the "Secret Royal Blademaster". It's totally not Hwang guys. Totally not Hwang will be released worldwide next week on December 2.

Wowo he looks wayy better than I thought he would very cool look.
I am very glad with all the picks for this games dlc. I would totally buy dlc pack 3
The question would be were to go from here. I think the answer lies with samurai shodown.
More characters from samurai shodown along with a few more from soul calibur, and mix
in some more guest characters and you could make a dlc pack 4 easy too.
I'm very happy with my soul calibur purchase. I know could ray tracing and VR be added
to soul calibur? Maybe put the game on PS5? I mean at the moment it does not have any fighters
to compete with on the system.

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