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  • What up Viz... Soph V. Soph?? I've been hearin stories. I need to confirm them with my sword and shield b*tches.
    yeay a yosh team member...i've never vrsed u but SigelV2 is very good...Please accept my FR
    LOL Yeah I got ya. I'm just too much of a pussy to delete them haha. I don't even know them I know lol! Alright, my next to learn list is as follows: NM(Relearn), Cass, Sets, Voldo. Maybe Kilik.
    I just posted some diabolical shit lol! I'll be on today. Getting back into NM dude. We should BOTH go for it ;)
    hotnikklz pissed me off today to. all he fuckin does is argue. Im done with that fuckin fool. i aint postin up in a maxi thread again so long as hes a mod! check the thread bout "moves we are forgetting" or some shit like that.
    i had never seen ANYONE follow up with the 4B k before. that was genius and took me by suprise for sure!! I didnt think it was fast enough to be a follow up to anything, and i didnt realize it tracked like it did!! that was sick!! I usually only use the 4B K if someone is playing the long range game and i need to get up in thier face. But seeing you with it last night im gonna rethink that. that will be one of the new moves im gonna try out on your hillbilly ass!!

    Ill be on tonight fo sho but kinda late. Might be like 11:00 or so YOUR time! But if you see me pop up hit me up!
    6A, K ( the k hits ), [K] to 4B, K > thats the electric charged one that I whore out like a $5 whore. The electric version is techable to maxi's right as plume said. but the way I personally do it goes like this in lamen's terms.....6A A k [k]. the second A in that string is called a right outer A. after I hit you with the first one i throw out the second one the keep you from stepping on me and line you up for either the [k] or whatever else i want to throw out!

    getting back on track. If i HIT you with that second A you would have to be really quick with the tech right to get away from that CHARGED kick. I dont think you would get away from the NON charged version. I think it would be easier to GI or just block.

    hope that helped. if not feel free to call me a moron!!
    Some folks need to start tech trapping the shit out of me so I learn not to get off the damn ground!
    they announced officially yesterday that cod6 will be call get this....Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2!!! Is that about sick as fuck or what. I played with some top notch guys as well. I can hang for sure. If you ever need a 6th, hit me up. Im not all that happy with cod5 either. It didnt grab me by the balls like cod4 did. I think its the graphics. its like they are unfinished or something. I cant put my finger on it.
    Yeah if you get that WS A in there right after the 44AB, yup im probablly going down. But I got a little suprise for ya...i got a house full of kids tonight so im out to. We'll figure it out this weekend
    LOL what up son! I saw them like last night. SICK AS FUCK! But I think Lau's NM is a little better. He uses AG+A set ups like a G! Thats my opinion though. I didn't mean to watch them so late of fall asleep bro. My girl just wears me out haha. Get on today bro! I say we teach these Yoshi Bandwagon hoppers a lesson!
    yeah, i'll send you a message when i get home. And yeah, i know that theres no way of knowing when your attacks are coming, I was just pointing out that iMCF does not a lead to any sort of free win for Yoshi. I actually find that Maxi has better than average answers to iMCF. iMCF does really gives every character a hard time though.
    yea and do you know how many frame traps he has for iMCF ? lol anyways theres no way anyone can totally shut down a move that good...anyways I'm not going to debate much more as we will be fighting online so you will already have an advantage with your maxi ;) All the things you said you attacked with you acted like you knew i was going to do iMCF right after so in those cases it would work... If i waited.. it probably wouldnt... point is i dont know what your going to do, you dont know what i'm going to do so lets just fight and put away with all this theory haha cool ? just send me a msg like i said and i'll add ya up when i get home! peace bra!
    6A => iMCF is just a frame trap. Just gotta make a guess whether to block or attack and hope you're right. No different than any other frame trap.
    Try that stuff on me when we play. Believe me, you aren't the first to try to GI or iMCF me. Start GIing a lot and you are gonna eat loops to the face. iMCF and you WILL get TJ and punished.
    you got me rethinking my game a little. But I think i got an answer. lol. Nevermind that nikkelz guy. They just made him a mod and hes subbenly got a 12 inch dick!! Noticed u got cod5. I punk fools all day on any cod!! That games hard to put down I know, sometime this weekend lets do this shit my ninja!!
    yeah i can see that WR A working. so long as you hit it right after that b i throw out. Damn you!!! but yeah lets do this shit tonight. I could use some yoshi training also. peace out holmes!!
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