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  • yo you think we can do the match around 10 pm eastern? or sometime earlyer would be better cause i wont be able to play thursday morning.
    i gotta see a match between you and shinobidestiny cause hes the only good tira ive seen and ive herd good things about you too
    That should be fine, it'll be 7 pm Central here.

    If I'm not on, I likely went to eat and will be back in an hour or so.
    I record with a small, red device called a Dazzle. However, my setup is a bit different, because I first record via VCR. Then, I convert that analog data (tape) to digital data by putting it on my laptop with the Dazzle. I then edit and upload.
    hey i'm eyecon666 on xbl. its been a day and a half now and i can't get hold of hustleman77 so fuck it i'll play you in the ladder if you are around. hit me up.
    Sorry I've been a bit busy with the start of school, I'l lbe able to play a little bit if your on
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