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  • I'll be at MWC this weekend (Soul is on Sunday), taking SC5 monies. Saturday is some Marvel madness.
    Hey man, there's something I need help with. I can't watch/load any videos anymore on 8wr. Do I need a certain player or update mine or I don't know.
    Of all the people I can connect to on XBL, Lolo isn't one of them. That's terrible. We need some mentally challenged Astaroth mirrors.
    Hey I know this is a bad time to ask this with both of us being in the Tourney and all but hey I would love to sparr with you man anybody that loves the big fella as much as I do I want to know what I'm missing in his game I think Im solid with him but I'm missing something I just don't know man maybey we can help each other or maybe you can just school me holla at me sometime zcooter
    Did you look at the screenshot I posted? Go into a CATEGORY, then see if the button is there.
    Hey... did you ever figure out how to add videos to the video directory?
    me and you are in the finals so message me on 8way and xbox so we can dp this thing
    asta i need your help ok? when can u upload my Tira matches? and we need to play more cuz asta is by far my worst match-up
    what do u use to record matches and put them on you computer cuz i was thinking of doing that
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