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  • So when are you available tomorrow? I'm not sure how much I'll be on tonight, and I won't be home for more than an hour tomorrow until sometime after 5:30pm (eastern)
    felix since you obivuslly dont like me either delte my acct jaxel wont do so and im tired of you ass holes none of you have be nice to me sinc ei got here all you do is bitch and moan at everything i do so fuck get rid me so i dont have hear anything from you people again.
    lol, it seems like you've got your 360 back. If you're not busy trying to combo stuff in SF4 online like everybody else, it'd like to play you again this week.
    lets play at 8:00 pm est time cuz ill be online all day but i have a guest coming at like 5:00 and ill be ready at like 8
    Hmmm, Felix's Astaroth? Wonder what he can do? 2B+K, 2B+G; 2B+K, 2B+G; 2B+K, 2B+G. AND I KEPT FALLING FOR IT! I'm not that great at adapting, but it's even worse when it's really late. LOL.

    Anyway, GGs.
    Yo, Felix. We should play some Lag Calibur again, soon. I could use another dozen thrashings from your Sieg and Ivy.
    no i got booted cause you had an 18 game streak and we had a close match...then at the last round i trashed you with 1a cassie mixup spam. sorry i kinda freaked out. anyway next time i'll play more fair i promise.
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