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  • hey. i've been maining sophie lately. seems to work pretty well for me, but it's hard to tell. next time you're on, can we have a few matches, and maybe you can tell me what i need to work on?
    good games, again, from the other day. that cass of yours is goddam hard to hit with, like, anything.
    First time visting your page Signia, you played SSBM? That was a great game lol, mained samus, couldnt get over the changed capt falcon.. to me felt like he got nerfed from super smash 64 lol. ( mained capt. falcon on the 64)
    hey, good games today. it felt good to bust out X again--I haven't given my old main any love in this game. but next time can we do sisters vs. fencer girl all the way?
    Ohhh, Signia is so broken! And we here at 8WR are all saying he's tied with whoever else is rank 324. I main captain falcon!
    What up Signa? Didn't know you were out here in Cali like me. Hit me up. I'm the guy that used to get agitated that I could never grab you. : - )
    it didnt click on who you were till I decided to pull out my scrubby cass, and then you proceeded to beat the living snot out of me. GGs holmes
    looks like you and I are up first in that online tourney. Im available usually in the evening past 6:00 california time. GT = Hot Rod Dave. Hit me up. cant believe I got matched up with you first. Should be a good match. But I do have a new maxi trick for

    ggs HRD
    You and I have a match for the tournament. Hit me up whenever, my GT is Aza SG.
    GG PureBabs, was a bit laggy though, and your friend was even more laggy. I wasn't playing all that well either. Gotta warm up for these matches first.
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