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    Just Attacks

    Lol, I stopped playing in 2014 after an unfortunate accident happened involving a PS3 and a flight of spiral metal stairs (one of the most depressing things in the world is watching a PS3 fall down a metal spiral staircase just barely fast enough that you're aware you can't save it but slow...
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    Moving from SCIII Nightmare to SCV Nightmare - What to look for?

    Necrophilia is only illegal if you get caught. If you tea bag an opponent after a round with no law enforcement present you should be fine
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    Moving from SCIII Nightmare to SCV Nightmare - What to look for?

    1, A+B, 2A+B is (the same in 4) now 44B, A+B, 2A+B bA from regular stance is gone... :(
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    Just frame Bpm training.

    This is a guide to training to use just frames the same way a concert musician (or most professional musicians) train to play a song at the correct tempo. I've played piano for 24 years at this point. Step 1 is to set up a metronome at the desired tempo 1A:A:A = 163.63636... Bpm, 164 works...
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    Just Attacks

    The post doesn't give the specific measurement of time for the move. Well it doesn't tell you anyway. It just plays once, unlike the constant beat of a song that has a Bpm spaced out perfectly to the move. If I know what the frame data (which I'm having a hard time finding) is then I can listen...
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    Help obtaining Frame Data for SC3

    I have the Brady games guide... It doesn't give frame data. It doesn't give much info that can't be discovered by just playing the game. It's really not that useful tbh. The combos are mostly taken from your move list in game (except for ring out options). Then it tells you some generic...
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    Budo journal: War path

    If you're looking to read anything interesting or enlightening that's rather unfortunate at the current point in time. I'm starting a Journal of Budo inspired by an article I read here [about finding an opponents rhythm] as well as Morihei Ueshiba a.k.a. Ōsensei and his life's story about his...
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    Rhythm: The Death Drum

    ..... This is the foundation of my life. It's not just useful for Soul Calibur, Fighting games, Competition, but everything in life. I call it signatures, no rhythm [to each their own with their word choices]. In my high school art class there where paintings on the walls without an artist...
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    Just Attacks

    60frames equals 1 second. 20 = 3 bps [beats per second] 3x60 = 180 bpm My just frames are improving while listening to this [the 1AAA ones anyway]. After listening to it long enough and turning it off I still do them well.
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    Nightmare's Top Ten Moves

    My personal favorites in no order 3B while crouching Don't know why, I just like this move iwr (B) aB afterwards or A+B. Lots of good things A2AA in tandem with A2A for mindfuckery agA so spamable, so safe NS [A] nice for footsies and spacing 33_99B ->GS follow up with A or don't GS at all if...
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    Create yourself in Soul Calibur?

    Baseball bat with a Chain Nailed to it. I need to find that picture...
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    Es bilingüe. Eso es bastante fresco. Yo no soy, acabo de utilizar un traductor. I just added...

    Es bilingüe. Eso es bastante fresco. Yo no soy, acabo de utilizar un traductor. I just added you on PSN. Starscream802. Congratulations on the tournament. I'm guessing you're more of a Zasamuel L Jackson kinda guy [from what I'm reading on your page]. Hope they bring him back for ya. Hope we...
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    Create yourself in Soul Calibur?

    You should, that's be awesome.
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    Create yourself in Soul Calibur?

    eh... That's me without washing my hair, since I spent the night at friends. When it's washed it most resembles Patroklos hair... the fro is even all around. They need to put curly hair in that game.
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    [Mar 17, 2012] K.U.B. - 5 Dollar Footdives (Orlando, Florida)

    No melee? Eh, why do I care, I live in Michigan and don't even like Melee. But, no Melee? I'm more into Brawl myself.